Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hunter Moore & Is Anyone Up? - Coming Soon - Again

At the end of last year, I wrote an article about Hunter Moore and his site, Is Anyone Up?. Well, soon thereafter there was an eye-opening development. He turned over a new leaf and sold his domain to Bullyville.

Hunter Moore's Twitter followers plummeted from 76,000 followers to (as of right this minute) 24,051. His biggest fans are scene kids and non-conformists. Anyone who basically is against the status quo, is pro-Hunter Moore.

The day I read the news, I had two emotions. Like many of his naysayers, I took what he was saying with a grain of salt. Okay -- more of a large block of it. He claimed he was "tired of looking at naked kids" and having to watch his back constantly. His "open letter" to his fans hoping to see the next installment of his debauchery personified, then went on to essentially give the impression that he was not only turning over a new leaf, but was going to start anti-bullying yada, yada, yada.

While skeptical as living hell, I hoped for the best at the same time. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt -- most far more than they deserve -- and hoped what he was saying was legit. Well, fast forward to today when I received an email from Twitter (because I hadn't logged in in ages) informing me of the "latest" from Hunter Moore, Is Anyone Up? and the other Twitter feeds I followed. (For those who have not or will not read my previous article, I Followed him because I have a morbid curiosity and a fascination with the cosmically idiotic. It's most assuredly nothing to do with any admiration for the man boy).

Anyway, I, like most of his other followers, left him to his devices (namely alcohol and blow) and went on with my life. After I received this email, though, my curiosity was piqued. I went ahead and clicked through to see what the latest indeed was.

In true Hunter Moore form, he's heading back into the abyss. His Twitter feed is sprinkled with mentions every few hours about "the new IAU." He proved all of us skeptics right on the money.

Until then, he's still getting droves of fucking idiotic girls who either can't wait to turn 18 to "smash" Hunter or just turned 18 and couldn't submit their tits fast enough. Eighteen and already their lives are ruined. Eighteen and already they have no higher hopes than to make themselves a notch on some drugged out scene fag's bedpost. No doubt he also has droves of the same idiot guys who thought he was the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ himself.

Like most generations, I'm damn worried about the majority -- yes, the majority of the current generation. Most of them have never known an Internet-free world and have learned zilch from the fact that once things are out there, they're out there for good -- somewhere.

Hunter Moore is likely the most widely-known Internet fuckwit, but he isn't the only one. We all know that. We also all know that the fans of this King Nothing aren't all actual lost causes. We can only hope that they learn in time.

As per usual, comments are welcome, but don't give me the same old tired "if they didn't want their naked pics out there, they shouldn't have taken them" nonsense. Refer to the December article for my reply to that. Also as per usual, my replies to any comments will be done to the same level of respect shown to me...most of the time more.

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