Thursday, September 12, 2013

Breeding Laziness Like Never Before

Here's yet another random rambling out of the mind of a guy who lets things sit and fester in his mind until he finally opens the gate and lets it flood out. Here is also the guy who is annoying himself right this minute by talking about himself in third person.

So, that being said, on to my reason for this article.

For years now I've become downright concerned about the exceedingly lazy society that we're becoming. As per usual, I'm doing this from a primarily American standpoint, but I'm sure many can still relate.

Sure, you have the usual; kids aren't made to go outside and play, but left to TVs and game consoles to do the raising and/or babysitting. But then there are the things that know no age boundaries.

I'm quite concerned that we as a people are going to become even more likely to become morbidly obese and about as intelligent as a fountain drink. I say "more likely" because we're already well on our way there -- and we're on a bullet train! (Did I mention some are already "there" waiting on us?)

Now, being that I'm writing this for myself and zero pay, I'm doing this more off-the-cuff and from memory than I am from research and the like. If I could ever find someone who would let me write for them while still letting me be my uncensored, inappropriate and opinionated self, that would definitely change. But sure as I hit Publish here, I'll think of 10 more things I could have added.

In no particular order:


I'm guilty of this one, myself. I started using computers and the Internet the same year; 1997. The Internet is an important staple in my life. I wish I could say for more grown-up reasons than there are, but that wouldn't be accurate. I use it to "get out" without having to, well, get out.

Anyway, anytime I try to write with pen on paper now, I have to do it much more slowly and with more focus. What used to just flow out has become having to consciously think about (dare I say "remember"?) how to write the next letter...or to make it more legible. I used to get compliments on my penmanship (for a guy). Hell, even my signature is never the same twice. So, so sad.

I know I'm not alone in this. And not having children, I can't even imagine how lacking actual teaching of writing, cursive and penmanship has probably become...or will soon enough.

Spelling and Abbreviation/Acronyms

Again, I'm guilty too. Gone are the days of hahaha and ushered-in are the now-second-nature lol and LMAOs. (That's LMBO, for those of you who don't know how to relax and let a "dirty word" slip out and live a little.)

Add to that chatspeak and I'm innocent of all charges. I despise chatspeak and people actually get pissed at me for typing so many damn words in texts -- punctuation included. Chatspeak, in my humble opinion, seems to take pride in laziness, and can even give me the impression of lower intelligence. Right or wrong, it's how it makes me feel when I see it.

Shortening Everything...EVERYTHING

This one is one of the primary reasons that I chose to start the list in my head of pure and unadulterated laziness.

What the hell am I talking about? Things like Kentucky Fried Chicken changing to KFC, National Geographic now referring to itself as Nat Geo, Radio Shack toying with the idea of changing its name to The Shack, the media trying to be all hip and trendy and starting to shorten the names of celebrity couples -- Brad (Pitt) and Angelina (Jolie) became Brangelina (and a ton of other examples I won't bother with)... Everything is becoming a fucking abbreviated version of itself. Are we becoming so lazy that we can't possibly fathom saying a few extra syllables now???


*ahem* Guilty. GPS is one of the single most perfect inventions and gifts I could ever have received. I didn't get that gene that men supposedly have (and countless of us only think we have) that make us find destinations with pure skill and testosterone. Looking at a map and trying to find both where I am and where I'm going kind of pisses me off. Lazy? You betcha. But I also have had a fear of becoming horribly lost since childhood (long-ago story) that GPS alleviated.

In the days of maps alone, if you had dropped me off in the dead center of downtown Dallas and told me to find my way home, the first thing I'd do is proceed to have a panic attack. The second would be to whimper and whine like a bitch. Lastly, I'd finally clean myself up and start trying to use some logic and common sense. Even with GPS now, I'd rather have relations with a jar of razor blades than even be near downtown Dallas...or any other big city. (I moved away from it all a few years ago, and prefer it like this.)


Being that you're on the Internet, whether it be on your mobile device or a computer, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that at some point in time, you've been asked by the medium in question, "Would you like _____ to remember your password for you?" Well, if you're like me (and you're not accessing the World Wide Web from a library), you normally click on Yes.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We're lazy. God forbid we have to leave something to memory!

Spoken Commands

I can honestly say that I'm not guilty of this one. But I will say that it's probably only a matter of time.

I, only recently, acquired my first smart phone. So, with full disclosure fully in use here, I've never had the option of giving voice commands. Thus far I have indeed resisted the urge to give in and speak to text, speak to call, or speak to do anything really. I'm sure as time goes on I'll damn sure become one of the lazy bastards I've been writing about here.

My point for all of this is what you've likely heard before; we're all becoming lazier and lazier by the year. I grew up in the era of corded phones, dial TVs and actually having to be told to come inside, rather than forced to go out and get some exercise.

I'll be the first to admit that many of these examples are awesome in my eyes, but that doesn't change the fact that they all breed laziness.

I have spoken. I am CliffyTX - Hear me bitch!

Until next time, my friends...