Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ladies - Stop Pretending!!

Okay. As per usual, this blog post comes not only from a blue moon time to write, but yet another thing I've decided to bitch about.

I have a profile on a site that shall remain unnamed for now, but has people from all ages, all countries of origin, and all backgrounds. On that profile, I wrote about myself much like I do here; unapologetic, carefree, liberated, and in somewhat of an in-your-face style. What I wrote about is much like what this blog post will be about. Bits and pieces of this blog post may well repeat things I've said before, but I'll be a little more indepth and possibly even less apologetic than I have thus far.

So what the hell am I talking about?

I'm talking about women in this day and age. Yeah. Yeah. Men have been bitching about women and their impossible-to-understand ways since time began, and vice versa...but this is somewhat different. This one, I've actually had many, many women agree with. (Especially lately.) It is for this reason that I finally decided to write about it.

Think of this blog post as part venting and "therapeutic" writing it just to get it off my chest, and part some sort of amateur psychologist trying to figure things out in his journal...but with profanity.

Indisputable Facts:

  • 50 Shades of Grey has made its author a millionaire -- a woman, by the way
  • By a wide, wide majority, its buyers are women
  • The sex toy industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, growing every year
  • The overwhelming majority of buyers are women
  • Women can nonchalantly mention their "toy" collections without batting an eye, and no one else does either
  • Statistics show that women more openly view porn than at any other time in history, thanks to the Internet age
  • Labiaplasty surgeries are becoming commonplace -- at least partially due to appearance alone
  • Surveys show more and more women (finally) admit to masturbating than at any other time in history
  • I have personally been "the other man" in at least 3 extramarital affairs -- online, this number grows exponentially
  • Almost all of them have had a large basis in sexual gratification they aren't/weren't getting at home
  • A shit ton of women have admitted in anonymous online surveys, and to me as well, that they adore watching a man masturbate
  • More and more women are admitting to trying and/or enjoying anal sex than ever before...I could go on and on.

So, what does this say? Many things, but the primary one is that women are sexualized like never before. (Or at least are admitting far more openly than ever before. This could be argued that it's not quite "openly," because it's often admitted anonymously, but the fact remains the same.)

Now, after all of that, my primary reason for writing this blog post is the likewise indisputable fact that almost every woman I talk to puts up a fucking front that goes against each and every fact I've stated....except maybe the sex toy part.

What I adore about the site I posted my profile on is the fact that it has given me access to women from all over the world who have told me directly how they agree whole-heartedly with everything I say on this subject. They write to me, if for no other reason, than to tell me how much they admire my candid words, insightful knowledge on the subjects, and how they know it all to be true.

The sad fact is, women, for the most part anyway, say what they think they should say; what society has deemed "appropriate" for them to say. So many claim not to give a damn what anyone thinks, but they nip in the bud any possible chance at letting loose and having a good, harmless, adult good time...all because "it's not ladylike."

No. Instead, they lose themselves in saucy erotic short stories and novels, fuck themselves silly with oddly-shaped gizmos multiple times a week, detach their shower heads for up-close-and-personal attention that no man could ever possibly match, bury their hands knuckle-deep in every orifice while fantasizing about two men taking them into orgasmic orbit, more often than not, fantasize about a man "taking control" and slapping her ass hard while pulling her hair and calling her everything but a lady, and perusing Tumblr and its multitude of animated GIF galleries and black and white hardcore couples nudity.

But, no. They don't think about sex, and "fuck you if that's all you're after!!!"

I, personally, had a freelance writing client that dropped me as her go-to writer after I turned her on too much writing out a male-dominant scenario, and then a female-dominant scenario, that she wanted to use with her...get this...relationship counseling profession. Yes. She was married and I made her feel too guilty. It flew in the face of all that she did as a career and counseled others for what I was, within a day or two of, causing her to do herself.

I've been doing the Internet thing since 1997 and have had hundreds of women admit to me their deepest, darkest fantasies. An overwhelming majority want to be dominated and treated "like the whore they are." Another shocking amount have incest-like (not actual incest, but) fantasies. Yet another surprising amount either fantasize about being taken by an animal, or watching porn that shows a woman with one.

My point is: Women portray themselves to be one way, and in their free and alone time, are themselves; a whole entire other person.

In the meantime, I look like some kind of crazed pervert with a one-track mind, when the only difference between a majority of them and me, is anatomy and admitting it!!

Guys, especially on the World Wide Web, have gotten a terrible reputation for whipping their dick out at everything with a pulse, and showing it without provocation or request. This is true. They've also got a well-deserved reputation for writing damn few words in introductions to women, and/or doing little more than talking about wanting to do things illegal in 16 countries to a woman...right out of the gate.

But when worded more carefully, and telling women you won't write to them "because of those other idiots," they'll write to me every time. And that is how I find the women this entire post is about.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining about sexually deprived and open-minded women -- not in any sense of the words. What I'm complaining about is pretending to be one way, and the truth being a whole other story.

The quickest way to turn me on, intrigue me, gain my interest, or any other of a plethora of "I'll take it" scenarios, is to be honest, open-minded, trusting, and sexually open-minded....if not being a downright whore when no one but me is around. I could write a book, much less a longer blog post, about the experiences and fantasies I've heard and read from women. I adore each and every one.

Until next time, my friends...

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Hersh said...

Interesting how the comment section is free of rhetoric or notes of any kind, other than this, yet we know they are reading and thinking about it.

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