Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ladies - Stop Pretending!!

Okay. As per usual, this blog post comes not only from a blue moon time to write, but yet another thing I've decided to bitch about.

I have a profile on a site that shall remain unnamed for now, but has people from all ages, all countries of origin, and all backgrounds. On that profile, I wrote about myself much like I do here; unapologetic, carefree, liberated, and in somewhat of an in-your-face style. What I wrote about is much like what this blog post will be about. Bits and pieces of this blog post may well repeat things I've said before, but I'll be a little more indepth and possibly even less apologetic than I have thus far.

So what the hell am I talking about?

I'm talking about women in this day and age. Yeah. Yeah. Men have been bitching about women and their impossible-to-understand ways since time began, and vice versa...but this is somewhat different. This one, I've actually had many, many women agree with. (Especially lately.) It is for this reason that I finally decided to write about it.

Think of this blog post as part venting and "therapeutic" writing it just to get it off my chest, and part some sort of amateur psychologist trying to figure things out in his journal...but with profanity.

Indisputable Facts:

  • 50 Shades of Grey has made its author a millionaire -- a woman, by the way
  • By a wide, wide majority, its buyers are women
  • The sex toy industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, growing every year
  • The overwhelming majority of buyers are women
  • Women can nonchalantly mention their "toy" collections without batting an eye, and no one else does either
  • Statistics show that women more openly view porn than at any other time in history, thanks to the Internet age
  • Labiaplasty surgeries are becoming commonplace -- at least partially due to appearance alone
  • Surveys show more and more women (finally) admit to masturbating than at any other time in history
  • I have personally been "the other man" in at least 3 extramarital affairs -- online, this number grows exponentially
  • Almost all of them have had a large basis in sexual gratification they aren't/weren't getting at home
  • A shit ton of women have admitted in anonymous online surveys, and to me as well, that they adore watching a man masturbate
  • More and more women are admitting to trying and/or enjoying anal sex than ever before...I could go on and on.

So, what does this say? Many things, but the primary one is that women are sexualized like never before. (Or at least are admitting far more openly than ever before. This could be argued that it's not quite "openly," because it's often admitted anonymously, but the fact remains the same.)

Now, after all of that, my primary reason for writing this blog post is the likewise indisputable fact that almost every woman I talk to puts up a fucking front that goes against each and every fact I've stated....except maybe the sex toy part.

What I adore about the site I posted my profile on is the fact that it has given me access to women from all over the world who have told me directly how they agree whole-heartedly with everything I say on this subject. They write to me, if for no other reason, than to tell me how much they admire my candid words, insightful knowledge on the subjects, and how they know it all to be true.

The sad fact is, women, for the most part anyway, say what they think they should say; what society has deemed "appropriate" for them to say. So many claim not to give a damn what anyone thinks, but they nip in the bud any possible chance at letting loose and having a good, harmless, adult good time...all because "it's not ladylike."

No. Instead, they lose themselves in saucy erotic short stories and novels, fuck themselves silly with oddly-shaped gizmos multiple times a week, detach their shower heads for up-close-and-personal attention that no man could ever possibly match, bury their hands knuckle-deep in every orifice while fantasizing about two men taking them into orgasmic orbit, more often than not, fantasize about a man "taking control" and slapping her ass hard while pulling her hair and calling her everything but a lady, and perusing Tumblr and its multitude of animated GIF galleries and black and white hardcore couples nudity.

But, no. They don't think about sex, and "fuck you if that's all you're after!!!"

I, personally, had a freelance writing client that dropped me as her go-to writer after I turned her on too much writing out a male-dominant scenario, and then a female-dominant scenario, that she wanted to use with her...get this...relationship counseling profession. Yes. She was married and I made her feel too guilty. It flew in the face of all that she did as a career and counseled others for what I was, within a day or two of, causing her to do herself.

I've been doing the Internet thing since 1997 and have had hundreds of women admit to me their deepest, darkest fantasies. An overwhelming majority want to be dominated and treated "like the whore they are." Another shocking amount have incest-like (not actual incest, but) fantasies. Yet another surprising amount either fantasize about being taken by an animal, or watching porn that shows a woman with one.

My point is: Women portray themselves to be one way, and in their free and alone time, are themselves; a whole entire other person.

In the meantime, I look like some kind of crazed pervert with a one-track mind, when the only difference between a majority of them and me, is anatomy and admitting it!!

Guys, especially on the World Wide Web, have gotten a terrible reputation for whipping their dick out at everything with a pulse, and showing it without provocation or request. This is true. They've also got a well-deserved reputation for writing damn few words in introductions to women, and/or doing little more than talking about wanting to do things illegal in 16 countries to a woman...right out of the gate.

But when worded more carefully, and telling women you won't write to them "because of those other idiots," they'll write to me every time. And that is how I find the women this entire post is about.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining about sexually deprived and open-minded women -- not in any sense of the words. What I'm complaining about is pretending to be one way, and the truth being a whole other story.

The quickest way to turn me on, intrigue me, gain my interest, or any other of a plethora of "I'll take it" scenarios, is to be honest, open-minded, trusting, and sexually open-minded....if not being a downright whore when no one but me is around. I could write a book, much less a longer blog post, about the experiences and fantasies I've heard and read from women. I adore each and every one.

Until next time, my friends...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Breeding Laziness Like Never Before

Here's yet another random rambling out of the mind of a guy who lets things sit and fester in his mind until he finally opens the gate and lets it flood out. Here is also the guy who is annoying himself right this minute by talking about himself in third person.

So, that being said, on to my reason for this article.

For years now I've become downright concerned about the exceedingly lazy society that we're becoming. As per usual, I'm doing this from a primarily American standpoint, but I'm sure many can still relate.

Sure, you have the usual; kids aren't made to go outside and play, but left to TVs and game consoles to do the raising and/or babysitting. But then there are the things that know no age boundaries.

I'm quite concerned that we as a people are going to become even more likely to become morbidly obese and about as intelligent as a fountain drink. I say "more likely" because we're already well on our way there -- and we're on a bullet train! (Did I mention some are already "there" waiting on us?)

Now, being that I'm writing this for myself and zero pay, I'm doing this more off-the-cuff and from memory than I am from research and the like. If I could ever find someone who would let me write for them while still letting me be my uncensored, inappropriate and opinionated self, that would definitely change. But sure as I hit Publish here, I'll think of 10 more things I could have added.

In no particular order:


I'm guilty of this one, myself. I started using computers and the Internet the same year; 1997. The Internet is an important staple in my life. I wish I could say for more grown-up reasons than there are, but that wouldn't be accurate. I use it to "get out" without having to, well, get out.

Anyway, anytime I try to write with pen on paper now, I have to do it much more slowly and with more focus. What used to just flow out has become having to consciously think about (dare I say "remember"?) how to write the next letter...or to make it more legible. I used to get compliments on my penmanship (for a guy). Hell, even my signature is never the same twice. So, so sad.

I know I'm not alone in this. And not having children, I can't even imagine how lacking actual teaching of writing, cursive and penmanship has probably become...or will soon enough.

Spelling and Abbreviation/Acronyms

Again, I'm guilty too. Gone are the days of hahaha and ushered-in are the now-second-nature lol and LMAOs. (That's LMBO, for those of you who don't know how to relax and let a "dirty word" slip out and live a little.)

Add to that chatspeak and I'm innocent of all charges. I despise chatspeak and people actually get pissed at me for typing so many damn words in texts -- punctuation included. Chatspeak, in my humble opinion, seems to take pride in laziness, and can even give me the impression of lower intelligence. Right or wrong, it's how it makes me feel when I see it.

Shortening Everything...EVERYTHING

This one is one of the primary reasons that I chose to start the list in my head of pure and unadulterated laziness.

What the hell am I talking about? Things like Kentucky Fried Chicken changing to KFC, National Geographic now referring to itself as Nat Geo, Radio Shack toying with the idea of changing its name to The Shack, the media trying to be all hip and trendy and starting to shorten the names of celebrity couples -- Brad (Pitt) and Angelina (Jolie) became Brangelina (and a ton of other examples I won't bother with)... Everything is becoming a fucking abbreviated version of itself. Are we becoming so lazy that we can't possibly fathom saying a few extra syllables now???


*ahem* Guilty. GPS is one of the single most perfect inventions and gifts I could ever have received. I didn't get that gene that men supposedly have (and countless of us only think we have) that make us find destinations with pure skill and testosterone. Looking at a map and trying to find both where I am and where I'm going kind of pisses me off. Lazy? You betcha. But I also have had a fear of becoming horribly lost since childhood (long-ago story) that GPS alleviated.

In the days of maps alone, if you had dropped me off in the dead center of downtown Dallas and told me to find my way home, the first thing I'd do is proceed to have a panic attack. The second would be to whimper and whine like a bitch. Lastly, I'd finally clean myself up and start trying to use some logic and common sense. Even with GPS now, I'd rather have relations with a jar of razor blades than even be near downtown Dallas...or any other big city. (I moved away from it all a few years ago, and prefer it like this.)


Being that you're on the Internet, whether it be on your mobile device or a computer, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that at some point in time, you've been asked by the medium in question, "Would you like _____ to remember your password for you?" Well, if you're like me (and you're not accessing the World Wide Web from a library), you normally click on Yes.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We're lazy. God forbid we have to leave something to memory!

Spoken Commands

I can honestly say that I'm not guilty of this one. But I will say that it's probably only a matter of time.

I, only recently, acquired my first smart phone. So, with full disclosure fully in use here, I've never had the option of giving voice commands. Thus far I have indeed resisted the urge to give in and speak to text, speak to call, or speak to do anything really. I'm sure as time goes on I'll damn sure become one of the lazy bastards I've been writing about here.

My point for all of this is what you've likely heard before; we're all becoming lazier and lazier by the year. I grew up in the era of corded phones, dial TVs and actually having to be told to come inside, rather than forced to go out and get some exercise.

I'll be the first to admit that many of these examples are awesome in my eyes, but that doesn't change the fact that they all breed laziness.

I have spoken. I am CliffyTX - Hear me bitch!

Until next time, my friends...

Monday, September 2, 2013

My Stance on Various Touchy Issues

So, I've been struggling trying to come up with ideas for a new blog post. I considered doing a Dear Women: Fuck You - Part 2 because a lot more things have come to mind since the original post, but I decided on sharing my views on various controversial issues instead...for now. ;o)

Without beating around the bush like I normally do, I'll just get right into it. Some of these will be expected issues while others will make you wonder where the hell they came from.

The following are my views on some common well as some less talked-about:


I'm pro-choice. That's the short answer. That being said, there are girls and women out there who use it as a fucking method of birth control. It is those that I despise. I'm not going into my views on the moment life begins, but I believe it should be made a law that once a woman has...say...two abortions...she should have many more hoops to jump through and red tape to deal with in order to have any more....if anymore at all. None of this should count toward that end if she was raped.

There are entirely too many that have unprotected sex as it is. But add in the ones that say, "Well, if I get pregnant, then I'll just get an abortion," and I think they deserve what the fetus would be going through.

Gay Marriage:

As time goes on, the amount of time that heterosexual couples decide to stay married plummets. From roughly 1985 to 2005, divorce rates increased by about two and a half times. From the 1950s to 2005, nearly four times the divorces. The divorce rates increase more and more every year. And these are just with heterosexual couples.

Those opposed to gay marriage are often older and/or more religious (not necessarily always both). The reasons often given for their being opposed to it is that "marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman." Well, when marriage came to be part of life, women weren't allowed to vote. When marriage came to be a part of life, blacks were seen as less than equal to whites. When marriage came to be, a lot of things were different than they are now...and have been for years!

Marriage, in my mind (and watered down) is this: Two people making their devotion to one another permanent (supposedly), and wanting to show it to the world. They are choosing just one to (again...supposedly) spend the rest of their life with.

Who the flying fuck are you to tell them they couldn't or shouldn't? Just because the idea of two people of the same sex being together nauseates you to even think about, does not give you the right to judge or dictate others' lives...period!

I firmly believe that if two adults of consenting age and of sound mind want to get married, they damn well should be allowed to without a damn thing being said about it. The overwhelming majority of homosexuals, in my opinion, are born that way. They made no more choice in what sex they were attracted to than you did in the color of your skin.

If you were told you couldn't marry someone because you both had brown eyes, curly hair, or didn't have a certain level of education, you'd think it was pretty fucking retarded, wouldn't you? BINGO! Live your life and let them live theirs!

If we heterosexuals can't do better than a 50% success rate with marriage, we have zero fucking place to be telling others what they can and can't do...period!


I'll keep this one short, but this is another one that gets on my nerves. It's just less talked about because it isn't a rampant cause. My stance is this: If all parties involved are of consenting age, are in agreement with all others involved, and know exactly what they're getting themselves into, then they should damn well be allowed to be married to as many people as they want to.

Now, let me make clear that having multiple wives wouldn't be my bag of tea, but if a grown man wants to marry three grown women...and all of them know about each other...then we should have nothing whatsoever to say about it. It's their lives!!


I got to thinking about this one just the other day while watching a documentary on sex trafficking. It dealt with often-underage girls (and some women) being forced into prostitution. My view on prostitution as a whole does not include those forced into it...or anyone underage.

While I won't go into all the rules and regulations it would and should involve, if someone wants to sell access to their body, they should damn well be allowed to. Obviously some testing (and ways of verifying it upfront) would have to be mandated somehow, it bothers me that we tell women (and even men) what they can and can't sell. Some women see it as a need in order to survive. Others see it as a here-and-there-for-extra-cash kind of thing. Regardless, I truly believe it should be legal. No one has the right to dictate what another lets into and onto their body. Period.

Marijuana Being Legalized:

Just about everyone has some opinion on this one. I never did more than experiment with weed and it did nothing for me. Matter-of fact-ly, it caused me to get on my own nerves. It made me over-think every single thought that went through my damn head.

But anyway, I can't stand the smell of marijuana. I don't like the fact that so many do it as a recreation...even though it's illegal (in most places...but even before then), and it does (barring medicinal use) bother me how nonchalant some partake in it. Furthermore, it severely gets on my nerves just how many feel the need to tell everyone and their dog how stoned they are, (or that some feel they need to announce they have to go so they can go get stoned), or how so many have posters and pot leaf-emblazoned clothing in tribute to a plant.

BUT...I believe it should be legal. I smoke the hell out of cigarettes. Many despise the smell of that. While it doesn't openly alter its smoker's state of mind, it is addicting and some use them to relieve stress and to calm a craving. Marijuana isn't addicting and most of the time renders its users to little more than the munchies. Legalize it and regulate it. Tax it and make a killing off of it.

False Rape Accusations:

I've felt strongly about this for many years. More so since the Internet came to be and you hear about it more often. I firmly and unequivocally believe that the punishments for false rape allegations should be made to be much, much more harsh.

Too often, girls and women use it as a weapon on a guy who did nothing more than turn her down, dump her, or treat her badly. They also use it to get themselves out of trouble or as an excuse to get sympathy for having been doing other things she shouldn't have been take the focus off of it.

In high school, I heard a girl openly say, "Well, then I'll just say he raped me," while talking about something. She said it without hesitation or any remorse. She didn't so much as show an emotion. She said it as if she was merely saying she'd ask someone else for a ride if the one she planned on asking said they couldn't.

Any girl or woman who falsely accuses someone of rape should, at the very least, be given the mandatory minimum the accused would have gotten. But with the seriousness of the thing they're accusing someone of, I believe it should be double the minimum of what the accused faced. I'd say that would be a good deterrent, wouldn't you?

Illegal Immigration:

I can't be bothered at the moment to look for the news articles that made me think of including this, as it's been a few days (or years, in some cases), but this topic can become very heated for me

I'm all for people looking for a better life in a new locale. Where my contempt rises is at the point of sneaking to do it. That's where many people's negative opinions end. Mine doesn't.

Mine is exacerbated when they start singing our nation's (US of A's) anthem in Spanish. When they block traffic in droves having the nerve to "demand" equal rights, etc.

Firstly, the right to protest is a right given to us in the constitution and both federal and state laws. These are rights given to United States citizens; not anyone who snuck in. Not anyone who didn't have the patience, dedication and persevering honor to become a citizen legally. Countless prospective citizens of the United States have taken the time to study and research ways of life here. Limitless citizens tried time after time to earn their way in. Hundreds upon thousands have done it the legal, honorable, and above all, respectable way.

In my opinion, those coming in illegally do not only themselves a disservice, but spit in the faces of those who did it the right way. And then have the fucking nerve to protest? To make demands?

Those who are serious, not only do it the legal way, but they take the time to learn the language. Even if English isn't the official language, it makes life a hell of a lot easier while making this country home.

Like it or not, race issues will never go away. Rising and falling rates of racism stats only show get-along bubbles of some semblance of peace. Young and old alike are fed up with having to press 1 for English. Are enraged when they have to pay increasing medical costs because (among a host of other things) of droves of illegal immigrants going into hospital emergency rooms, being treated, and then leaving, never having even considered paying for it.

Aside from economic downturns and unemployment at insane rates, causing an almost unheard of backlog, social security disability benefits and welfare are near impossible to get. The chances of being approved go down more and more each year because of those who come here specifically to get on the government tit.

And then factor in those (legal, illegal and native-born citizens) that have kids left and right for no other reason than to receive more tax credits and welfare, and then you truly start to piss me off. Children aren't pawns; they're living, breathing human beings that deserve to be cherished and to learn honor, respect and the meaning of right and wrong; moral and immoral. Children of these illegal immigrants are further hurt, both physically and emotionally, by the treatment of other children and the heartbreak of family's possibly broken up by deportation.

I could go on and on about this one, and I fully realize that this snippet of this article is going to look extremely shallow and thought out as much as a third-grader would, but I stop for both respect of differing opinions and space. (I'm long-winded in writing as it is.)


Talk about a sudden change of pace, this part proves I let things become lists over years and finally sit down and write about them...random as they seem to be grouped together.

In my ever-so-humble opinion, bestiality (albeit disgusting as all get-out) to most, should only be illegal when it is the animal that is being penetrated, or is being forced to do anything.

To make this more clear, if a damn canine is licking the loins of a woman and is doing so of its own free will, then there should be zero issue. If a bovine calf takes a liking to some pervert's winky, likely mistaking it for its mother's utters, then the worst that it got was no milk.

My tongue-in-cheek point is that unless an animal is being forced to do something or having something done to it (since it obviously can't give consent), then laws against it shouldn't be made.

Again, the mere thought causes most to puke into their mouth. Yes, it takes a special kind of mindset to suddenly find Rover attractive. But when no physical harm or any iota of "emotional" stress shows in the animal(s) in question, then I don't see the harm.

Now, before I let this one rest, let me just say this. I'm the kind of guy who adores getting to know people. I both reveal countless things about myself, and somehow make people so comfortable that they open up to me to levels that they never had anyone, and likely never will.

You would not believe how common it is, in my experience over the last 16 years of my life (how long I've been using the Internet and being a member of many global online forums of varying subject matter) that I've learned that, in some point in a girl or woman's life, she has either encouraged or tried to entice a dog to lick her nether regions. Like it or not, and you simply have to take my word for it, the number would surely surprise you. (And no, they're not all from backwoods areas of the south. They're from all over the world, of all ages, all cultures, and all walks of life.

Many women have not done it, but have fantasized about it. Many men as well, but guys don't open up to other men near as often...nor do I normally talk to men to such depth.

The only time we hear about bestiality is either when someone was caught, an animal was injured or otherwise mistreated, tripping across (or searching for) a video of such acts. But you'd be surprised how many can get off just watching it...or even reading fictional stories about it. Different strokes for different folks. (Pun intended)

Activists Against Police/Border Patrol, Specific Laws, etc (in America, anyway):

This one is actually pretty new in my odd mind's list of contemptuous issues. More and more lately, on sites such as YouTube and LiveLeak, I'm coming across videos of people with specific intentions of getting the attention of police, border patrol, or other similar authority figures, solely so they can have a fucking proverbial dick-measuring contest with them.

For example, I saw one where a man had an AR-15 (or similar....I forget now) assault rifle strapped to his back and was walking down neighborhood streets until the police were summoned.

Even before 9/11, but especially since then, anyone with an ounce of sense is going to shit themselves getting to the phone to report a man or woman walking down the street with a rifle strapped to him, nowhere near wildlife, and not during any hunting season.

This deplorable fuck, and many like him, do things like this for zero other reason than to puff up their chest and haggle with those in authority. They always "know" their rights, and often are, technically, doing nothing illegal. But there's something called common sense that is not so common anymore with these types.

Another video was a woman at a border patrol checkpoint and spent over 15 minutes refusing to consent to anything whatsoever. First and foremost, she chose to drive to a previously-known (by her) immigration checkpoint. Secondly, she knew what would be asked of her. Thirdly, she was so adamantly against even moving her car off to the side so that other (likely more cooperative) commuters could have their turn, that she spent far, far more time bitching and ranting about her rights and being violated (by nothing more than routine questions) than she would have spent had she just complied and been on her way.

These (majority of) officers and the like aren't doing this to be "a police state" (like so many idiots are starting to say we're becoming), or to hide behind their badges. They're doing their fucking jobs. Some better than others, I fully realize, but not because they had a bad day and decided to look for someone to harass.

Like it or not, the world has become a more dangerous place to draw a breath in over the last couple of decades. Now, more than ever, we all live in very real danger from both foreign and domestic fucktards. You, the majority of the time, aren't giving up any fucking freedoms and liberties that aren't usually absolutely necessary....thanks to those who butchered the trust and legality we once knew.

The Boston marathon bombing scared the ever-loving shit out of many, many people. Most understood the occasional appearance of a police state. They had no clue who was where and what they were still capable of. Bob and Suzy Citizen, albeit a damn fine family, could have been forced to harbor these fugitives and those cops may well have been saving an entire family's lives by doing what they did.

Sure, at the time, it damn sure wouldn't feel that way, but most would appreciate the shit out of it later. (Even if only part of the whole ordeal.) This one is a touchy area.

I, for one, probably over-respect the police and other positions of authority, but believe you me, the majority of those in uniform are damn commendable and honorable people doing the thankless jobs that so many of us would never have the courage to do. I thank a cop every time I see one. I don't do it to carry favor with them. I do it because I truly appreciate what they do for pathetic pay...some, every single day, risking never to return home from their shift.

I do the same to soldiers.

Members of the Military "Fighting for our Freedom":

This is another very touchy one so I only hope I word it remotely right. Let it be known that I am the proud son of a career Green Beret. Nearly 23 years, multiple tours in Vietnam (volunteering to do so each time), and a man I love, respect and will admire 'til the end of time.

That being said, I believe that talking about soldiers and "fighting for our freedom" should not always be in the same sentence. To put it bluntly, it's overused...a lot. Many, many people equate both to go hand-in-hand.

Again, trying to word this as respectfully and delicately as I possibly can (while still being my usual uncensored self), not every (very few now, if you want to get technical) fight is for our freedom. Sometimes it's to free those in a foreign land (who sometimes see us as invaders, not liberators). Sometimes it's to fight for some power-hungry or ulterior motive-filled President or Congress. Sometimes it's to retaliate for terrorism. But it is not for our freedom as American citizens. Each and every American citizen lives in the land of the free. We have countless freedoms that other countries would absolutely love to have just half of. But, more often than not anymore, these brave men and women are fighting to lessen the chance of repeat performances of being murdered, innocent civilians on our own soil. That, I dare say, is not what most mean when they use the phrase "fighting for our freedom." Technically, yes...that is a form of fighting for our freedom. But we, as American citizens are free. Most who use the term now simply say it out of habit. Those who fought and died in the Civil War, among others, gave us that freedom that we so thanklessly enjoy in this country.

Again, let me please stress that I commend each and every damn one of you who have served, are serving, or who are planning to serve. That, in and of itself, gives you my unconditional respect. My beef is with the phrase and nothing more.

Seat Belt Laws:

This one is gonna be short and sweet. I include it only because I think trying to force people to use a safety feature is going too far. The same with helmet laws. Sure, with children and those too young to make their own decisions (or know the full ramifications thereof), it damn well should be law. But for adults of sound mind and body to be told that they must use them or face fines is completely idiotic to me.

Yes, yes, insurance premiums, setting good examples, etc... But there can be strict policies that state that " cases where it can be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the occupant(s) was/were not wearing a seat belt, you hereby waive..." You get my drift. Don't force people to protect themselves. Period.


Now, I've gotten myself on my own nerves. Sometimes I let these lists form way too long before writing them down. Sometimes I take too much advantage of having my own blog and use it to simply vent, whine, rant and rave. Meh. There are worse faults to have. ;o)

P.S. As I've always said, comments are welcome. I know some of these may cause heated emotions in some. All I ask is for respect when commenting -- not agreement with my views.

Until next time, my friends...

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Dangers Lurking on Sites Like Omegle, Stickam & More

Okay. I've sat long enough on this one. If you've been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a tongue-in-cheek kind of guy and come across as a "typical guy" and perv most of the time. If you know me at all, you know that's only a small part of me. But what I'm about to talk about is no laughing matter.

I watch porn. I don't purchase it. I'm not addicted to it. And I have varying tastes. I prefer amateur and "couple decides to film their tryst" types of porn. But I'm also a voyeur. Admittedly, I will watch, even enjoy porn that is purportedly hidden camera. Is it right? No. I'm not perfect and I don't do the filming, but I do realize that I give those who do, some ammunition.

I hate hypocrisy more than most people, but here's where I'll be the hypocrite. It's wrong to spy on people. It's wrong to invade someone's privacy or betray their trust, but it's somewhat like a traffic accident; you don't want anyone to get hurt or die, but it doesn't stop you from slowing down and looking.

Well, that brings me to another phenomena that's not anywhere new, but that I've just now become concerned (enough to write) about. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the dangers of sites like Omegle, Stickam and the like.

What dangers am I talking about? Blackmail, exploitation (many of them minors), and a very real danger of ramifications such as depression and/or suicide.

I decided to write this blog post after coming across one that was more disturbing than most I'd seen. I'm sure there are worse out there, but this was one was the worst I'd seen. It made me feel worse for the girl than I normally do.

Now, don't get me wrong. To some degree, I blame the victims. I don't care if you're a minor or not; you know damn well that the Internet is forever. You know damn well that not everyone is who they claim to be. You know damn well that if you take your clothes off, if even for just a brief second, that you're doing something that you shouldn't be doing.

Let me make CRYSTAL clear that these victims are not forced into anything first. They take clothes off or flash these perpetrators of their own free will. It is precisely THAT that is their undoing.

Let me say that again: As soon as you flash a breast, give a quick moon to the camera, or rub your crotch on the camera, he's got you!

How on earth does he "have" you? Easy. He's been recording your live streaming cam the entire time. The second you do something you would rather die than have someone find out, you've fallen into his trap.

I won't win many fans by revealing what I'm revealing, but this affects real lives and fans are a dime a dozen.

What Exactly Happens?

As far as (now-defunct) Stickam goes, it was simply guys recording girls' live streams and then posting them all over the World Wide Web. That's tame compared to the rest of this post's intent.

Now, Omegle (and sites like it) are a far different story. Any of the sites that randomly match you with a stranger to talk to on cam are wide open for this to occur. I mention Omegle because it's Omegle that has/had the most targets.

It starts when, instead of seeing the other person, you see words on your screen where their face should be. These words are usually what is referred to as The Omegle Game.

What's this game? Keep reading.

Now, these aren't always worded exactly like this, but you'll get the idea.

You'll see something akin to:

Blow a Kiss - 15 points
Stick Your Finger in Your Mouth - 25 points
Show Your Bra - 50 points
Show Your Panties - 75 points

That's how it starts out. Tame enough, right? (Well, tame for pervs). But if you started playing this game, it's just begun.

After you've exhausted the list of possible point-makers, he'll then add a new set of prospective tasks:

Take Your Shirt Off - 200 points
Take Your Pants/Skirt Off - 250 points
Take Your Bra Off - 500 points
Take Your Panties Off - 1000 points
Flash Your Breasts - 1500 points
Flash Your Butt - 2000 points
Flash Your Vagina - 2500 points

Getting a little more creepy, right? Still not done.

Now, what happens next, if anything, depends on the pervert behind the other keyboard. Some simply wanted to see what all they could get you to do/show. The others, however, are the more dangerous ones. Those are the ones who, right around this point in time, will pop up another thing in place of the words that were on your view of them. You suddenly see pictures or video of yourself...and you showing your bra, your breasts, your vagina, etc.

Now, you're in deep and are not getting out no matter what you do.

Right about now, he's telling you that he's going to show all of your family, all of your friends, all of your Facebook and all of your co-workers everything you just did....unless you give in to his forthcoming demands.

Some will make you do more things, such as masturbate, insert objects both vaginally and rectally...and Lord knows what else. Others will seek to humiliate you more than try and get themselves turned on.

First and foremost, log! Why? Because even if you give in to every single demand he barks at you, he's going to spread that video around anyway. The second you showed a breast (or anything normally covered by a bikini, he fully intended to show it somewhere.

If there's any consolation whatsoever here, it's that the less you showed (for example, you flashed a single boob and that was it), your video probably won't even get views. Viewers of these sorts of videos want "the good" stuff; the hardcore stuff.

Secondly, although mortifying and embarrassing, the likelihood that someone you know is actually going to see this video, is slim to none. Why? Because this type of video isn't allowed on mainstream porn sites. It's a legal liability for them.

No, these videos will be on more "underground" and sparsely-populated sights. You will be seen, but you will be seen by very few people compared to mainstream porn sites' traffic.

Also, even the sites that allow this kind of content, don't normally allow your personal information to be shared (aside from maybe the screen name you were on under when this occurred).

Lastly, if he put a Facebook address up on the screen and asked if it was you? Chances are it was a link that did nothing more than show you your own Facebook home page. If he himself clicked on that link, he'd see his own Facebook home page.

For these reasons, it's best to only accept friendship requests from those you know; not friends of friends, etc, unless the mutual friend(s) says they're trustworthy, etc.

So, What's the Take-Away Here?

Don't flash or take off your clothes on sites like this. If you're going to do it, you're still at risk, but less at risk. Furthermore, get to know the person you're showing yourself to, before you start showing yourself.

There is no fool-proof way to avoid it except staying dressed.

What Do I Do if This Has Happened to Me?

The best I can say is the following:
1) Change screen names on all social media sites you're a member of.
2) If you suspect a specific individual of being the culprit, delete and block them immediately.
3) If you can live with the humiliation of telling a parent, teacher or police, get them involved. There are things they can try to catch the person with. The chances are slim, but always worth a shot.

Again, as I said earlier, I am guilty of viewing such videos, but what sets me apart from the average viewer, is that I felt the need to warn possible victims here publicly. It's really all I can do apart from ceasing to view such material. Perhaps when I'm a married man again, I will. But in the meantime, please just be careful.

Until next time...