Friday, December 28, 2012

Dear Women: Fuck You!

Greetings, my little fucknuts.

It's been many months since I've posted anything, so I've decided to come roaring back with another whining tirade about stuff that gets on my nerves. But this time, I'm taking my angst out on women.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I'm a single guy. Believe this or not, I'm a pretty stand-up guy and any long dating site profiles I post or messages I send almost always get a, "Wow! I can't believe how honest and open you are! How refreshing!" Women who aren't even all that compatible to me will take the time to write just to thank me for being different from the average guy on a dating site.

This blog post is half tongue-in-cheek and half stuff that's been eating at me for eons. Regardless of what you think of what you're about to read, chances are that you'll at least see where I'm coming from.

As per usual, I go on and on and write forever.

And we're off.....


If you're breathing and old enough to reach the keyboard, I assure you that you've either said or heard, "All guys think about is sex!"

Well,'s essentially true, but there's one thing the majority of these pretentious bitches don't think about when opening their blowholes to complain about it: Who in the flying fuck do you think makes the sex toy industry a 15 billion dollar a year industry (with 30% annual growth)? Yeah...mostly WOMEN!

Oh, and who do you think makes up a major, major portion of the buyers that made 50 Shades of Grey a smashing success? You guessed it!

So, yeah...get off our asses! If we men were fucking plastic, metal, rubber and silicone (not to mention shit that vibrates or has a gasoline engine) half as much and as often as you women were, we wouldn't be thinking and talking about sex quite so often either. Never thought about that, did ya?

The difference is, guys usually prefer the real thing...with features and characteristics that are more realistic; not something that does or looks like no human woman could ever live up to. Why have sex with an inanimate object that can't possibly be matched by any living person?

Women on Dating Sites/Craigslist/Anywhere Online, Really

What's got to be the most annoying fucking things women do on these online find-me-loves, in no particular order:

They almost always make damn sure to include a line that says something in the way of, "I don't need a man. I want a man."

You're taking the time to make a profile on a dating site and list things about you and your potential squeeze, but you're just passing time, right? Fuck you!

I'm so fucking tired of people either thinking or saying that those that admit that they're lonely or need a mate to feel complete, are weak or desperate or something! Look! Having the courage to put yourself out there takes, well, courage. Having the audacity to be honest takes more courage. If you're afraid that someone is going to see you as desperate or codependent, then those aren't the ones you want anyway. Ignore them!

I make no secret of the fact that I consider myself a damn good guy. I have lots of qualities that women look for. The ones I lack are financial and confidence, primarily. I put everything but my DOB and SSN on dating sites so that they know what and who they're getting. If they see it and don't like something? They move on. No skin off my back. The ones that appreciate my type write to me. Period.

I fully realize that women get far more messages on these sites than guys do. I get that. That's not my fault. I also know that at least 80% of these fucks do nothing more than send the same message to 50 women hoping five or so reply. Furthermore, I also know that many married guys scour for a piece of ass on the side. Others write a whopping 1-4 words. Still others simply wanna get their dick wet, even though their profile says long term.

BUT...countless women do nothing more when they write, too. I can't count how many times I've received a message that simply said, "Hi" or "What's up?" Face and women can suck on these sites, not just men. It pisses me off that it's seen as male-only negative traits. Maybe if roles were reversed and women had to put themselves out there and write to the guys, instead of the other way around, it'd be more well-known.

Because of the assholes and players that litter these places, I specifically say on dating site profiles that I refuse to put myself into the same queue as those fucks; that if I pique their interest, they'll need to initiate contact. Simple as that. Many do. Many don't.

Too many women don't realize (or don't care) that it takes some swallowing of pride and a lot of courage to write and try to be the best of the likely tens or hundreds of messages you get. Quit expecting that every guy is going to go to the ends of the earth to make his far above and beyond all other messages. Would you? Would you do that multiple times a day? Week? Month? Would you eventually start copying and pasting the same thing to multiple people? You get my point.

Hyper-Realistic Expectations
Entirely too many women expect George fucking Clooney to be looking for love online. I once saw a study done online (I forget where) that proved this. Women on dating sites were shown photos of a plethora of guys ranging the spectrum of fugly to drop-dead gorgeous. The study found that women (on these sites) overwhelmingly rated what society normally considers above-average-looking guys as average to below average.

Newsflash: Models almost never look for “the one” online. Lower your standards to, oh, I don’t know…realistic?

Misleading Photos

Yes, I know guys post pics of their younger, more muscular, and less follicle-challenged days. But tons of women do it too. Again, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen women who post nothing but headshots from places like Glamour Shots or some shit. If you’re not familiar, they’re basically day spas for average to ugly people. They make you look like a model and they take your photos. They make you stunning. I can spot these from a mile away. Most can, but here’s how: soft focus, bare-shouldered getups and flawless makeup and backgrounds.

I understand you want to put your best look forward, but you’re setting yourself up for rejection when reality slaps the shit out of you and your prospective guy. If “your best look” is not something you can easily attain without a team of makeup artists and hair stylists, stop posting those pics.

While I’m at it, stop with the pics from your thinner days. Everyone and their dog knows that if the pic is from above, you’re fat. Everyone knows if it’s an extreme closeup of your eyes and/or cleavage, you’re fat. Everyone knows that overuse of Photoshop filters and artistic bullshit means you’re fat and/or ugly. Just stop!

If people can’t handle you at your worst and/or your regular self, then they don’t deserve you at your best…period!

“My Kids Come First”

Fucking duh!! If a woman on a dating site has kids, 99.999% of them feel the need to throw this little gem in there. If you have children, they’re supposed to come first! Are you actually expecting guys to expect you to drop the kids off at grandma’s every day just to come see them? No. If any do, block them.

List of Demands

This one really chaps my ass. I don’t think most that do this even realize they are doing it. They make their profile with nothing but demands of what a guy will and won’t have, do or not do, say and not say, and expect or not expect. Fuck you!

No job, no car, no reply!” Fuck you!

You ever notice that if a woman doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have a car, or lives with her parents, that society thinks, “Awww. The poor thing is down on her luck”? But the second people see that a guy has no job, no car or lives with his parents, what’s the first thing you think of? I’ll tell you: Loser!! That’s exactly what most think of immediately.

Newsflash: Guys get “down on their luck” too. Guys get butt-raped in divorces all the time. Guys get financially overburdened too. Some, just like with women, need to move back in with their parents from time to time to get back on their feet. It happens.

Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Well, ol’ Cliffy obviously is all of the above!” Well, first of all, fuck you! Secondly, no. I’m not. But, I didn’t have a vehicle for a very long time. I haven’t lived with my parents since my late teens. I am, admittedly on social security disability, but I also freelance write to supplement that.

My point is: Not everything is as it seems. Quit being so quick to judge people from the outside looking in! That goes for men as well.

Overuse of Acronyms or Dating Site Lingo

Short, but sweet: I hate, hate, hate seeing profiles littered with SWF seeking SWM, DDF, HWP and the like. If you don’t have the time or inclination to type shit out, don’t expect people to take the time to write to you.


I gave this one its own category. Why? I’ll tell you. BBW stands for Big, Beautiful Woman. Why does this get on my nerves? Well, the main reason is that second “B” is almost never fucking true!!!

Too many fucking cows equate large with BBW. BW? Maybe. BBW? Uh…no! Not usually. Here’s some new ones for ya: LA: Lard Ass, CRA: Can’t Reach Ass, D4K: Dimples for Knuckles, and MN: Multiple Necks.

99.9% of Women

That's right. You read that right. The more I've been thinking about these lately, the more pissy I get. This one will have subcategories too.

What is my whiny ass talking about? Read on.

99.9% of women are not as they appear!

·        Push-Up Bras – To make your tits seem fuller and perkier than they actually are.
·        Padded Bras – To make your tits seem larger than they actually are.
·        Makeup – To make you far prettier than you actually are.
·        Nylons/Stockings – To make your legs look smoother or more evenly toned than they actually are.
·        Hair Extensions – To make your hair longer than it actually is.
·        Hair Color – To make your hair a different color than it actually is.
·        High Heels – To make you taller than you actually are. They also subtly make your tits and ass stick out further than they normally would. Don’t believe me? Look it up.
·        Dildos and Vibrators, etc – To make you less horny and sexually frustrated (outside the home) than you normally are.
·        Girdles/Spanx, etc – To make you appear thinner than you actually are.

I fully understand that many women feel that they need to use or wear some of these things in order to feel better about themselves or to attract a mate. My point is that every single one of these things makes you someone you aren’t – or a better version of yourself than you actually are.

No wonder guys are judged so much. We’re stuck with what we look like most of the time. Those that shave or wax their chests do so for superficial reasons. Those that use makeup, Spanx or botox injections, are odd in most people’s eyes…my eyes being one set of ‘em.

Many women will claim that they do most or all of the above for men. Well, at least 90% of guys would be fine if you did half or less of them. You do it to make yourself feel more sexually appealing. Period. Whether it’s to make you feel that way to yourself alone or to potential fellows, varies.

I hereby give women a pass on shaving their hoo-has and wearing thongs. I applaud and thank you for those two.

Until next time…

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hunter Moore & Is Anyone Up? - Coming Soon - Again

At the end of last year, I wrote an article about Hunter Moore and his site, Is Anyone Up?. Well, soon thereafter there was an eye-opening development. He turned over a new leaf and sold his domain to Bullyville.

Hunter Moore's Twitter followers plummeted from 76,000 followers to (as of right this minute) 24,051. His biggest fans are scene kids and non-conformists. Anyone who basically is against the status quo, is pro-Hunter Moore.

The day I read the news, I had two emotions. Like many of his naysayers, I took what he was saying with a grain of salt. Okay -- more of a large block of it. He claimed he was "tired of looking at naked kids" and having to watch his back constantly. His "open letter" to his fans hoping to see the next installment of his debauchery personified, then went on to essentially give the impression that he was not only turning over a new leaf, but was going to start anti-bullying yada, yada, yada.

While skeptical as living hell, I hoped for the best at the same time. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt -- most far more than they deserve -- and hoped what he was saying was legit. Well, fast forward to today when I received an email from Twitter (because I hadn't logged in in ages) informing me of the "latest" from Hunter Moore, Is Anyone Up? and the other Twitter feeds I followed. (For those who have not or will not read my previous article, I Followed him because I have a morbid curiosity and a fascination with the cosmically idiotic. It's most assuredly nothing to do with any admiration for the man boy).

Anyway, I, like most of his other followers, left him to his devices (namely alcohol and blow) and went on with my life. After I received this email, though, my curiosity was piqued. I went ahead and clicked through to see what the latest indeed was.

In true Hunter Moore form, he's heading back into the abyss. His Twitter feed is sprinkled with mentions every few hours about "the new IAU." He proved all of us skeptics right on the money.

Until then, he's still getting droves of fucking idiotic girls who either can't wait to turn 18 to "smash" Hunter or just turned 18 and couldn't submit their tits fast enough. Eighteen and already their lives are ruined. Eighteen and already they have no higher hopes than to make themselves a notch on some drugged out scene fag's bedpost. No doubt he also has droves of the same idiot guys who thought he was the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ himself.

Like most generations, I'm damn worried about the majority -- yes, the majority of the current generation. Most of them have never known an Internet-free world and have learned zilch from the fact that once things are out there, they're out there for good -- somewhere.

Hunter Moore is likely the most widely-known Internet fuckwit, but he isn't the only one. We all know that. We also all know that the fans of this King Nothing aren't all actual lost causes. We can only hope that they learn in time.

As per usual, comments are welcome, but don't give me the same old tired "if they didn't want their naked pics out there, they shouldn't have taken them" nonsense. Refer to the December article for my reply to that. Also as per usual, my replies to any comments will be done to the same level of respect shown to me...most of the time more.

Until next time..

If this article is still online, I'll still reply to any and all comments that warrant it. Never feel like an article you view here is too old to bother with. Comments are always welcomed!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writing For Hire On oDesk

So I started freelance writing for hire right after Christmas of last year (2011). Getting started, many are overwhelmed and often lose hope very early on because they don't get hired. Being that I've only searched for and done writing work, that's all this article will encompass. Any other kinds of freelance work, you'll have to get advice for on your own.

I did a Google search for "looking for a writer" or something similar, and found mostly freelance sites. I had tried eLance quite a few years ago but felt like I was out of my league. I no longer feel that way except one thing; their tests. I know damn well I can write and have the 5-out-of-5-stars to prove it - time and time again. What these tests do is test your absolute school-taught abilities and even if you know what you're doing, if ya don't know what a certain kind of grammatical error is called, ya don't get that question right. One common mistake I tend to make (for the more anal retentive end of the writing spectrum) is overusing commas. I believe it may be called comma-parsing or something. Don't quote me on that.

The point is, I can spot errors but can't necessarily call it by it's uber-technical name. Therefore, I'm not likely to ace a grammar test. But, I know I can friggin' write. It's frustrating. This is not exclusive to eLance either. The testing, while admirable, is kinda universally harder than they have to be. Your work will have to speak for you.

I ran across oDesk during the aforementioned search, and it piqued my interest. There were tons and tons of listings and being new to doing this for hire, I wasn't sure what to charge. Then I started looking at the employers' (the people hiring you) so-called budgets in the listings.

Now, let's get one thing straight. I don't consider myself real hard to get along with or to even please, but I despise having my talent or intelligence insulted. A shitload of oDesk employers (some...not all) are cheap pricks who don't deserve the pixels their hopeful writers waste on them. Any writer who writes above a 5th grade level and has any pride whatsoever, would never, ever, ever take a writing job asking for 25,000 words where the pay is $5-$20. If they do, then they're desperate to just get their resume going or live somewhere where the cost of living is exponentially lower in comparison to most places. I won't even open Microsoft Word for less than $50, most of the time, (depends on a lot of things) and I charge $300 for 10,000 words. Do the math.

Now, I should state that I'm likely above-average in what I charge (not necessarily in my talents), but I'm the only example I know. $100-$150 is a good price for many, for 10,000 words. This article isn't to slam oDesk - it's to slam the cheapskates who can't dig a little deeper in their selfish pockets for quality work.

Other examples are things like, "I'll pay $0.025 per 300 words," or "I need five 700+ word articles done a week. I will pay $20 total." That latter is one is actually on the generous side.

Why do they do it? Easy; because the desperate jump on it. What do the employers get? Plagiarized material. What do they do? Bitch, whine and moan that they can't find good talent on oDesk.

The Signs of a Bad Job

  • Newbies Welcomed - What listings that include this popular tagline mean is essentially that, "Hey...I don't plan on paying much so if you just want to be seen as having been hired, I'm your best bet!"
  • Get 5-Star Feedback - So, let me get this straight; you're gonna promise me a 5-star rated feedback for this contract...before you even see if I did it worth a damn?!? Riiiiiiiight. This is another red flag saying, "I'm looking for cheap rates for excellent work."
  • Listing is in ALL CAPS - This indicates the employer has already had bad experiences with previous contractors and is gonna be super touchy on the job he's trying to hire for. They look like this: "NATIVE ENGLISH-SPEAKERS ONLY!!!!!!!!! I'M TIRED OF PEOPLE APPLYING THAT CLAIM TO KNOW ENGLISH, BUT DON'T!!!!!!!!!!" etc etc etc. They take out their bad experiences on the contractors (those for hire - the freelancers) before they even deal with the rest of them/us. Stay away.
  •  Listings That Will Only Pay If... - These kinds of listings are employers planning to submit what you write to article sites, etc, and are expecting someone to bust their ass writing for them only on the off-chance that they might get paid for it! (If the article is rejected, they don't feel like they owe you a damn thing) Then they wonder why they get shit work in return?

oDesk Isn't All Bad
There are tons of cheap employers but the reason why is there are tons of people willing to do half-assed work just to get their resume filled up. This is another reason employers get so riled up in the first place.

I don't have my pick of any job listed on oDesk, but I damn near do have my pick of the ones that interest me. Every single time I even apply for a job, even if I don't get it, the employer writes to tell me that he "loved my application and will keep me in mind for future work."

So why the hell are my applications so special?!? That's just it, they're damn near the exact opposite of what you're usually told to submit. Most advise you act as if you're applying for a global corporation to be a CEO. Ya know what I do? I talk to them like one adult to another; in a conversational tone. I list why I think I'm good for the job, why I'm charging what I'm charging, and my availability, etc.

Because of my positive experiences on oDesk, I've decided to venture out on my own in between projects, and author some ebooks. They will be my first real attempts at fiction, but my confidence is high after reading some of the competition. ;o) By the way...ya won't know it's me. Can you say, "Pen Name(s)"?

P.S. I didn't even go back and look over this article for mis-wordings or bad grammar. This was free. :op~~~

Until next time, my friends...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Online Trends & More That Drive Me Nuts!!

So, as you can tell, I've decided to start posting more often and doing so with a more carefree attitude. Today, after watching some vids....primarily porn and such....on a bunch of sites linked through other links that were linked through other links, I started getting annoyed. Really, really annoyed! Speaking of which, I'm now officially coining a new term; Link Hell.

Link Hell [lingk hel]
The place or state of being trapped in a seemingly endless loop of following hyperlinks on the Internet from one web site to another, to another, to another, ad nauseum, until forgetting the starting point and/or original intent. (I just submitted that to The Urban Dictionary so don't bother)

That new term, however, was not and is not the intent of this post. The intent is what I run into online that gets on my fucking nerves! (or, as my British friends would say, "Gets on my tits!") These will generally refer to things that people post on Youtube (or other user-uploaded video sites), what porn sites do, what too many other sites do and, basically, just every-damn-thing...because it's one of those days and I wanna sit here and whine like a little bitch. If ya don't like it, well, then kiss my ass please reconsider!

In No Particular Order:

Videos Where Clicking The "Full Screen" Icon Does Nothing

If I'm watching a fine young thing slowly strip off to show me her pooper, damn it, I wanna see that shit life-sized! Don't offer me the damn icon if it ain't gonna do anything when I click on it! I don't fap to postage stamps! (Note to self: Redo tagline about not being a typical male)

Videos Labeled Hidden/Spy/Secret/Voyeur That Obviously Aren't -
Don't get me wrong, I don't seek out footage that exploits the nude female without their knowledge (I totally just lied) but if you're gonna label it that way, for fuck's sake, make it the truth! If the camera all but bumps into the bitch, I have a nagging feeling she knows it's there. There are plenty of the real thing that pervs sink to filming without you fucknuts labeling videos wrong intentionally just to get views.

While I'm on this one, it also pisses me off when a video site labels a video (that's obviously going to link to another video on another site) with complete and utter lies...just to get you to click on it! Example: Labeled "OMG! Look what this girl does with that bottle!!" and it links to nothing more than a slide show on volleyball babes wearing swimsuits on a rated PG (at worst) site.

Video Sites That Are Nothing More Than Links To Other Video Sites
If I open a web site with thumbnail previews of videos of chicks about to bang the family pet, when I click on it I don't want to be taken to! If I had wanted to go there, I would have typed it in! Sites like that exist solely for making money rather than providing any entertainment! Enjoy your fucking CTR's, assholes! (Now, admit it! Who all just checked to see if that was a real web site?!?) 
Note: I don't actually condone bestiality but if you do it, I'm so gonna look!

- Take A Second To Read This -
Before I go any further, I should explain why I chose "Insight Into The Mind and Daily Goings On of A Not-So-Typical American Male" as my tagline. I'm serious when I claim it and I mean that when society thinks of a "typical male" they generally think of a guy who: a) Is only out get laid as often as possible b) Looks at porn 24/7 c) Masturbates 3 times a day d) has no respect for women, etc....ya get what I mean. Well, none of those things describes me.

I do a lot...a lot of sarcasm in my humor-writing. I'd like to think that comes through but, if it didn't (or doesn't), then let it hereby be known that I am most certainly just a harmless wise-ass. I have never dated more than one woman at a time. I have never been able to have no-strings-attached sex. (I tried, a whopping one time, to have a FWB and neither of us could do it). I couldn't be a player if I was paid to be. I do watch porn, but I don't go out and purchase it and I normally only do it if I need visual stimuli. I'll watch if it looks appealing but prefer 15 minutes-or-less and the amateur, couple-decides-to-film-it variety. Any other kind is for the shock value alone. Understand now? I'm a guy who loves to write and who has a wide-ranging sense of humor that can go from lame tame to "Oh no he di-in't!!!"
- End Of A Second -

"Professional" Porn - (Online or offline)
If you're paid to fuck, then just fuck. Quit trying to act! Maybe it's just my taste, but I literally roll my eyes the second even a hint of scripted porn comes out. While I'm at it, I hate it when porn "actors/actresses" claim they work hard. You fuck for a living! You've taken the one thing that is usually kinda special and brings two (or more) people closer together (or just gets their rocks off) and chosen to do it for a living. The only "acting" you're doing is 1) That you're not a whore/gigolo and 2) That you're as turned on in the video as you're trying to appear to be

...and for fuck's sake quit fucking looking at the camera trying to make you-know-you-want-me faces!!!! GAWD! That gets on my nerves! Not only that, but when the bitch stares at it and follows it like fucking facial recognition software! Add in the obviously-fake "Ooooooooooh", "Ahhhhhhhhh", "Oh yeah! Fuck my tight ass!" and the like, and I look for a puppy to kick to get the angst out!!! (Just kidding! I actually go and find a small child to shove)

Twerking/Ass-Clapping -
I know it could be argued that these two things are mutually exclusive, but they're basically the same. Some chick gyrating her ass up and down and....just fucking search for it on YouTube! I'm not a prude. Trust me, I am soooooo not a prude, (and I'm an ass man) and maybe it's just my age and I'm hatin' on the next generation like every generation does, when I was growing up younger and first saw it, only strippers did it. It's just a style of dancing...just like rap and hip-hop are styles of music. I understand that. But nothing screams, "Heeeeey! Focus on my ass while I get pissed at you...for focusing on my ass!" like that dance does. Kinda like when I was a teenager and the song, "Me So Horny" was big. (Showing my age. I know). Girls knew every last word to that song and screamed and "sang" along when it came on. Those same girls would slap you to sleep if you even mouthed that phrase to them. If you've followed my blog for more than a day or two, you know I generally despise hypocrisy.

Sites That Try To Put The Blame For Their Controversy On Third-Party Submitters -
This isn't so much about sites like YouTube, but more like two specific sites I had in mind: World Star Hip Hop and Is Anyone Up? Neither of them are remotely like the other. They just both pretend to be innocent bystanders as their users submit all the content that they're known for!! The former does seem dressed as your go-to source for Hip Hop when you visit it, but if you've ever heard of the name before now, what was the source? If it wasn't from a search engine where you queried something Hip Hop-related, then my guess is it was from a fight video. As for the latter, you can read my lengthy views on that by clicking on the Previous Posts button at the bottom of this page a couple of times. (In other words, read it after you read this article...not instead of this article)

That Fucking Duck Face -
If you're not familiar, then you're either damn new to the Internet or just use it for business-related stuff. This is a duck face:

Sure, this woman also suffers from trout pout, but she's doing a duck face with it so it's doubly horrific. Who in the name of all that is sacred, thought this was fucking attractive?!? It never ceases to amaze me how so many women do the same thing thousands of other women do. I also see women mimic the "sexy" movements they see other women do. It's kinda hard to describe, much less find, but...if a woman puts a specific trying-to-be-sexy look on her face, the above notwithstanding, and some woman wanting to be sexy sees it, then BAM! other women (obviously either thinking it's sexy or thinking guys think it's sexy) start doing it! Before I get slammed for being chauvinist or stereotyping, I'm not saying all women. I'm saying a shitload. If it weren't a shitload, it wouldn't be so well-known.

People That Take Their Photos In A Mirror While Looking Into The Phone -
I've touched on this one before, but since I'm bitching about the Internet, I'm gonna include it again. There's a few things about mirror pics that drive me fucking nuts but this one is the worst. For the sake of those who haven't read my other articles, I'll include the rest afterward. If the underlined description there doesn't make sense, here's what I mean:

See how she's looking into the phone instead of the mirror's reflection of the lens? Ya know? That age-old tradition of looking into the lens of the camera taking the picture? (Yes. I know some will argue that the emphasis is supposed to be on her outfit, but you get my point)

The other ones that drive me crazy are when people take a photo in the mirror with the camera square in the middle of their face or when their head is nothing more than a flash of light. It's not rocket science, people!

Grown Adults That Use Chatspeak -
U kno. When they dont take the time 2 spell wrds out and r rly lazy with punctuation! I've run into these types on dating sites in the past. I immediately moved on. If someone can't take the time to type words out, use punctuation and capitalize fucking words, they're not worth my precious, precious, ever-so-precious time.

People Who Resort To Tired Internet Memes During Online Arguments/Debates -
This one happens to me all the time. I'm a commenter when I'm passionately for or against particular topics. The younger the crowd, generally, the more often I get this. We both make our points back and forth and, when they run out of ammo, they throw out the overused, "umadbro?" Just happened the other day...again.

Then/Than, To/Too, Your/You're, Definitely/Defiantly/Definately & There/Their/They're -
I knoooooow I'm not alone on this one. Initially, I thought it was primarily young folks but you would (or maybe wouldn't) be surprised at just how many adults, of ALL ages, do this too. It should be mentioned now that I'm a spelling and grammar Nazi. It should also be noted that I use Firefox and it lets you know of misspellings (when it actually knows how to spell) the same way Microsoft Word does; it makes a red, squiggly line under the misspelled word. I know I likely have misspelled words in some of my articles but they were spelled correctly...and just the wrong version of the word. I also know damn well that my grammar is less than stellar. That's a direct result of two things: 1) I write like I talk and 2) I don't always go back and check closely enough. I digress. The difference is, with me, it's a misspelling by accident...from time to time. Not an ongoing thing. I also know that I overuse the SHIT out commas and dot-dot-dot's. I hate that I do but I shall get over it.

I better stop here or I never will. I'm sure I'll think of 20 things after I post this, but there's always another day and another article. ;o)

Until next time...
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