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Protecting Your Computer At NO COST!

The following post is neither endorsed by nor am I compensated by the companies mentioned herein. Furthermore, any instructions given are for Windows operating systems only. I have no experience with anything else. I apologize in advance.

Greetings, my fellow Internetters. I know it has been far too long since I've posted but offline life (and its effects on me) have given me little to write about. Either that or far too many "woe is me" and "time to go off on a profanity-laced rant" posts.

I decided to write this one after helping someone for many hours. Their computer was inundated with malware (short for malicious software), viruses, trojans, worms, name it...and she was both afraid for her computer's safety and fed up. I absolutely love helping and even educating people so I took the time to stop all I was doing and devote all my time to her. Now I'm going to do the same for you.

Before I begin, because I don't know who is familiar with which terms as far as computing, infections and the Internet goes, I'll define each of the above terms and some additional ones. Some of these definitions may include terms and/or phrases that you may not be familiar with. If this is the case, simply go to Wikipedia and type that term or phrase into their search bar at the top of the page. I suggest this only because I don't want this post to go into so much technical detail that it loses readers' interest or scope of knowledge

  • Virus - a computer program that can copy itself. It can spread from one computer to another (in some form of executable code) when its host is taken to the target computer; for instance because a user sent it over a network or the Internet, or carried it on a removable medium such as a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB drive. Viruses can increase their chances of spreading to other computers by infecting files on a network file system or a file system that is accessed by another computer.
  • Trojan (Horse) - A Trojan, sometimes referred to as a Trojan horse, is non-self-replicating malware that appears to perform a desirable function for the user but instead facilitates unauthorized access to the user's computer system. The term is derived from the Trojan Horse story in Greek mythology.
  • Worm - A self-replicating malware computer program. It uses a computer network to send copies of itself to other computers on the network and it may do so without any user intervention. This is due to security shortcomings on the target computer. Unlike a virus, it does not need to attach itself to an existing program. Worms almost always cause at least some harm to the network, if only by consuming bandwidth, whereas viruses almost always corrupt or modify files on a targeted computer.
  • Rootkit - A type of software that is designed to gain administrator-level control over a computer system without being detected. In virtually all cases, the purpose and motive is to perform malicious operations on a target host computing system at a later date without the knowledge of the administrators or users of that system. Rootkits can be installed in hardware or software targeting the BIOS, hypervisor, boot loader, kernel or less commonly, libraries or applications. The term rootkit is a concatenation of the administrative (superuser or "root") account in historical operating system terminology (primarily Unix) and the word "kit", which refers to the software components that implement the tool.
  • Spyware - A type of malware that is installed on computers and collects little bits of information at a time about users without their knowledge. The presence of spyware is typically hidden from the user, and can be difficult to detect.
  • Adware - Any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to a computer after the software is installed on it or while the application is being used. Some types of adware are also spyware.
  • Scareware - Comprised of several classes of scam software with malicious payloads, or of limited or no benefit, that are sold to consumers via certain unethical marketing practices. The selling approach uses social engineering to cause shock, anxiety, or the perception of a threat, generally directed at an unsuspecting user. Some forms of spyware and adware also use scareware tactics. A tactic frequently used by criminals involves convincing users that a virus has infected their computer, then suggesting that they download (and pay for) fake antivirus software to remove it. Usually the virus is entirely fictional and the software is non-functional or is malware itself.
Long story short? All bad news. The news worsens when you realize what you may pay (or be paying) a year for supposed continuous, round-the-clock protection. Many companies charge for anti-virus software and can range from a one-time fee to a monthly or yearly subscription. The costs can add up. Below, I'll mention some of them and why I don't use them.

Half-hearted attempt at legalese: Let me make clear that the statements I'm about to make are from my own experiences and those I've witnessed, personally, of others. They also include my own opinions. They are not meant to be malicious or to deprive any reputable companies of customers and/or the earnings those customers may bring. By continuing, the reader assumes full responsibility for their actions henceforth. Furthermore, the reader acknowledges that the following techniques and solutions are not necessarily the only solutions available to achieve the same results.

If you've been using the internet for more than a year, you've likely come across some less-than-desirable folks in your time. You may have also come across some wonderful people. Perhaps some of those people are true friends which I firmly believe can be achieved online (I consider myself just as genuine and loyal online as offline). Alternatively to that, maybe you thought someone was a good person and now you're riddled with all the problems this post will talk about. It does not, however, take a bad one-on-one individual to become infected. Seemingly innocent web sites and well-intended email and file-forwards are usually the culprit.

I started using the internet in 1997. I built my first web site in August of that year. That information has no bearing whatsoever on this article so I'm not sure why I brought it up, but suffice it to say, I've been around for a while on this information superhighway. I have always been the type that asks questions when I want to learn something. Sometimes way too many for some people, but asked nonetheless. I also tend to hang in forums/messageboard "communities" that usually have thousands of members from all over the world. This can be very beneficial when trying to get a general and very versatile consensus of what to do and not do...try and not try. In my immediate family, I'm looked upon as somewhat of an internet genius. Some of them knowing little to none about the internet means this says very little, but some know their way around fairly well. Let's leave it at "I do more and learn more than any of them do because I seek the answers out."

For the longest time, I used no anti-virus software at all and rarely had a problem. That was the very early days of the internet though. More people and more countries get hooked in everyday and computer technology is growing by leaps and bounds by the month. Heck, I still remember when I got a new hard drive from a friend that was ONE HUNDRED MEGABYTES!!! I was on top of the world. My, how times have changed. Anyway, I have changed as well. I have paid for anti-virus software, I have paid monthly and yearly subscription rates to stay protected and have had "okay" to "good" results.

Here's where you'll see the reason for the "legalese" above. McAfee and Norton are little more than big brand names. Almost every computer I've ever helped clean up has had one of these two programs running. Running all the time no less. After completely uninstalling either of them from people's computers and then installing the programs I'm recommending, running thorough, complete system scans, with BOTH programs (McAfee and Norton) having supposedly run around-the-clock protection, I have found no less than 12 viruses, trojans and the like. I was in awe at just how much these two programs miss. They're big brand names and apparently do something right to have garnered the names they've made for themselves, but what that is totally escapes me. That being said, let's move on.

First step: Uninstall McAfee and/or Norton anti-virus

The first serious step I took in anti-virus software was Spy Sweeper from Webroot. If you're more comfortable with paying for virus protection rather than trusting free software, I strongly recommend giving that web site a serious look. They've won multiple awards and have many software solutions for home and business use. I used them for many years with great success. My time with them came to an end when Spy Sweeper found a trojan but could not remove it. After multiple software updates (included in their monthly or yearly fee) that trojan remained. Unfortunately, I can't even remotely remember the name of that trojan now, but it wasn't one of the "infamous" ones. I asked around at what all was available that worked and people swore by...but that didn't break the bank. Much to my surprise, all the ones mentioned had free versions! Better yet, those free versions met my needs. They are what I use today.

The program that not only found but eliminated the trojan I mentioned above was Malware Bytes. They have a free version and a full version as well as corporate licensing available. Their own web site says "Proven to thoroughly detect and remove even the most advanced malware."

Note: Malware Bytes is a run-to-scan program. What this means is it doesn't run all the time, giving round-the-clock protection. It is designed to be launched and a scan of your system started at that time. For round-the-clock protection, continue reading below.

For protection that is on constant lookout, I use (and recommend) AVG. Its free version has tons of protection and, for a fee, can add even more. With the free version you get anti-virus, anti-spyware, LinkScanner (blocks dangerous web sites and checks links on the most popular search engines for threats), E-mail Scanner (scans incoming and outgoing email from programs such as Outlook Express and Windows Mail for viruses) and Resident Shield (Works in the background scanning all of the files you use). It has options for identity protection and more complex protection for a fee.

These two programs have done me proud for quite a while now. Being that AVG runs all the time, I generally run my scans through Malware Bytes. Both of these programs search through the most commonly-infected areas of your computer first, and depending on how you set up your options, scan all running processes, the registry, etc. You can choose one folder, a quick scan of the most common areas, or a comprehensive and very thorough scan of your entire computer.

I have yet to have a single problem using these two programs. That being said, if someone tried hard enough, they may well be able to adversely effect my computer, but it would likely be more trouble than it's worth to them.

Lastly, a program I use that comes with Windows, is Windows Firewall. Turning Windows Firewall on basically warns you when a site or other entity is trying to do something to or through your computer. Think of it as the last line of defense...or perhaps the first. To turn Windows Firewall on, if it isn't already, simply do the following:

  • Windows XP - Start>Settings>Control Panel>Windows Firewall>Click the On (recommended) choice and then hit the OK button.
  • Windows Vista - Depending on whether you have Control Panel Home as your option or Classic View selected, which you'll know when you hit the start button (button with the Windows logo on it in the lower left of your screen): Control Panel Home Option Selected: Start>Control Panel>Security (click on the word Security itself)>Turn Windows Firewall On or Off>Click the OK button Classic View Option Selected: Start>Control Panel>Windows Firewall>Change Settings (or you can click in the left panel where it says Turn Windows Firewall On or Off>Click On (recommended) option>Click the Apply button>Click the OK button
  • My apologies for not including instructions for Windows 7 or pre-Windows XP versions. I'm simply not familiar with them
With Windows Firewall, you can choose to allow certain programs through. These are called Exceptions:

Windows XP:
Start>Settings>Control Panel>Windows Firewall>Exceptions tab>find and click the program (or click on the Add Program if the program you're wanting to let through is not on the list given)>Click the OK button

Windows Vista: (2 Ways)

1) Start>Control Panel>Security (or Windows Firewall, depending on which view you have selected)>Click on Change Settings and then go to the Exceptions tab, find the program on the list (or click the Add program button if the program you're wanting to let through the firewall is not found on the list given), Click the Apply button and then click the OK button
2) Start>Control Panel>Security (or Windows Firewall, depending on which view you have selected)>Click on Allow a program through Windows Firewall, which will open the Exceptions tab, find the program on the list (or click the the Add program button if the program you're wanting to let through the firewall is not found on the list given), Click the Apply button and then click the OK button

Now, for those of you not terribly familiar with how to do all I've mentioned above or are now billowing smoke from your ears from the technical information overload, you may wish to stop here to avoid confusion (or possible further confusion). I'm going to be mentioning alternative methods and software that I have heard good things about but neither use nor have any opinions about. I am listing them only in the interest of some alternative choices and options that many seem to swear by. I can't speak for how well they work or are upgradable to.

Again, this is not going to be a comprehensive or detailed list. They are simply options I have heard good things least the last time I heard about them: (These programs may or may not require more intimate technical knowledge)

  • Spybot Search & Destroy - Free but donations appreciated. Their team works hard to be very, very competitive and comprehensive and they do so very well. You can read about and download it here.
  • Ad-Aware - I've heard very good things about this one as well. They have version for home and office and many more bells and whistles. Well worth a look if you want to do more research into alternative options to what this article has been about. You can read about it and download it from here.
  • ZoneAlarm - Another I've heard many good things about. They have a free firewall alternative to Windows Firewall and just about every other computer security feature out there in similar and competitive software today. Again, well worth a look.

Now we'll delve into other ways of protecting and/or cleaning up your computer but not in quite so much detail. My primary reason for posting this article was to inform everyone about the ease of use and free software that I use myself (Malware Bytes and AVG Free).

If you download a lot, delete a lot, install a lot and uninstall a lot, consider defragmenting your computer's hard drive(s). If you do the things listed above very often, do it at least once every 1-3 months. To do this: Windows XP: Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter>click on your hard drive's letter(s) - default is (C:), then (D:), etc)>click the Analyze button if you wish to see how much of a difference defragmenting will make or just click on Defragment Windows Vista: Start>Control Panel>System>Performance>Advanced Tools>Open Disk Defragmenter>Defragment Now. If you have more than one hard drive on your Windows Vista machine, click on Select Volumes>choose the drive(s) you wish to defragment, click OK. or, if you only have one hard drive, click on Defragment Now, (Windows 7 and anything pre-Windows XP: I am not familiar with any other versions of Windows. My apologies).

Another adverse effect of downloading, deleting, installing and uninstalling a lot is cluttering up your registry. For this, I suggest getting a program called CCleaner. You can read about and download it here. It cleans up and optimizes your registry which is pretty darn important to your computer's efficiency. I've both heard many good things about this program and use it myself.

As per usual, I've written quite a lengthy and involved blog post. For this I both apologize and, at the same time, don't apologize. I try to give as much detail and help as much as I can. If ya haven't figured out that my blog isn't geared for the 15-minute-break reading time by now, ya just ain't gonna. Bottom line? Uninstall McAfee and/or Norton Anti-virus completely. Download and install Malware Bytes and AVG Free.

Until next time, my friends...

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New & Improved Exmortis 3 Full Walkthrough!

If you're seeing this page, then you've either come from the old version of this walkthrough, YouTube, a search engine, Bloggers Next Blog link,, or my own web site; If you came from anywhere else, please take the time to drop me a line and let me know where you found the link.

I've rewritten this walkthrough because of the many updates I made to the last one. My original walkthrough had to be updated whenever I found another of the 34 Exmortis 3 achievements. Well, that will no longer be an issue because I now have all 34 of them!

I can't guarantee that this walkthrough will get you high score listings but I can guarantee that it will get you all 34 of the achievements and help you reach the end of the game! If this walkthrough isn't clear enough in some area or you have any questions whatsoever, Exmortis 3-related or not, don't hesitate to contact me through the last link in the first paragraph above.

This walkthrough, because of my newer, faster computer now has a 4-part video walkthrough version. The old one had 8. I also made a separate video of just the 34 Exmortis 3 achievements, if that's all you're looking for. Before I give you the links to the videos, let me explain why I, and many other walkthrough/video-makers ask...even beg for...ratings, comments and subscriptions on YouTube.

Ratings, comments and subscriptions to our videos directly affect whether or not we continue to take the time to even bother providing more videos...period. If you just assume someone else will do it...and they do the same...guess where we're left? Lots of views, very few ratings and almost no subscribers. Please rate, comment and subscribe to keep content coming!

All that being said, here we go!

If you would just rather see the the video walkthrough, without explanation of anything, go here. (The walkthrough is in 4 parts. The link is to Part 1)

If you're just looking for the 34 achievements and nothing more, go here.


For those interested in the details...the why's and where's, then continue reading:

Achievements are listed in red and are in bold text

Chapter: Extinction

Nuclear blast

Then these words appear:
Upon the wings of fire and devastation
I return. Reborn into a world that I once knew.

Strange archaic powers, foreign
and twisted, surge through me.

How I came to be here, as more than
human, I remember not.

But I promise this - I will have my
revenge upon the ancient enemy Vlaew...

and my people will taste freedom once again.

Click Continue

There are two options here:
Option 1: Click 1 on your keyboard use Telekinesis on the crane. To use this power, you want to stop the slider when it is in the red area. If it is stopped outside of the red area, you will fail to use the power and must slide the cursor off screen or away to try again.
Option 2: Grab the cable that rests in the crater with you, toward the left. It's added to your inventory.

Grab the hook and weight on the ground to the right. It's added to your inventory.

Click and hold on the hook and weight in your inventory list and drag it down until it is covering the cable. It will then ask you if you wish to combine the two items. You do.

If you chose to use the items rather than Telekinesis, on your Inventory list click Use and tether the combined cable and hook to the pipe on the upper right of the crater's rim

Climb out of the crater

See the Broughton City sign in bad condition

Ignore the staff and glowing orb on the right unless you're playing the demo version. If you're playing the demo version, you'll see a preview of the Full Version. If you're playing the Full Version, clicking on the right staff will merely say "The Future Is Undetermined"

Click on the glowing orb on the left staff

These words will appear:
I remember the endless prison.
A crimson prison without bars.

Removed from my world
and flung into limbo.

Condemned to roam
forever alone...

Click Continue

Chapter: Exile

Click on the summoning totem

Click on the left summoning totem

Get the Power Cube

Click on the summoning totem

Click on the summoning totem

The middle torch behind the pit is lit

Click on the right summoning totem

Click on the left summoning totem

Click on the summoning totem

Get the Hatred Cube

Click on the summoning totem

The left torch behind the pit is lit

Click on the right summoning totem again

Click on the right summoning totem this time

Get the Vengeance Cube

Click on the summoning totem

All 3 of the torches behind the pit are now lit

Click on the pit

You'll now see a pattern in a beam of light. This pattern will be one of the 3 cubes "unfolded."

Hovering over that pattern will tell you, at the bottom of the screen, which cube it is

Press the I key on your keyboard, click on the cube that corresponds with what was "unfolded," then click the little red "Use" box

That cube will now be hovering over the left pedestal

See another cube "unfolded"

Press the I key on your keyboard, click on the cube that corresponds with what was "unfolded," then click the little red "Use" box

It will now be hovering over the middle pedestal

See yet another cube "unfolded"

Press the I key on your keyboard, click on the cube that corresponds with what was "unfolded," then click the little red "Use" box

It will now be hovering over the right pedestal

(The cubes you'll need to retrieve from your inventory will vary. This changes each game and may require retreiving the same cube two, sometimes even all three times)

A spinning red portal forms and shoots chains at you

Meet Azrael

You can choose to listen to him talk and click one of the options of questions to ask or skip the conversation altogether. The conversation explains to you more about what is going on and what may go on later. If you're not familiar with the Exmortis series, this conversation would be fairly important to even have a clue to what's going on. It will also explain why you will then have powers.

Azrael levitates, there's a big red flash and his powers have now been transferred to you

The power of Telekinesis is added to your Powers (Even though we already had it in the opening sequence)

You can choose to spare him or press 1 on your keyboard and use Telekinesis to destroy him

Back to the Broughton City sign you've come

Click on the arrow pointing ahead to enter what's left of the city

The power of Perception has now been added to your list of powers

Click the far right arrow (pointing exactly right)

Click on the car

Click fairly low (the pockets region) on the corpse and get the car keys and wallet

Click the Use box for the keys

Use those keys on the glove compartment and get the map

Click to the right to leave the car

The power of Teleportation has now been added to your powers

Click on the arrow pointing left

Click on the arrow pointing ahead and right - diagonally

Click on the rope swinging near the right edge

On the far left is a kiln. Click on it

Get the fireplace poker which is leaning on the left side of the kiln

Click on the fireplace poker in your inventory list and drag it onto the rope in your list

Combine them (You need to do this. You'll understand why later)

Click the bottom right skull's teeth and get the gold tooth. If you're not sure where to click to get the gold tooth, wait until you see a gleam appear. If you fail to see one, just click on each tooth and you'll eventually get it

Click the arrow pointing left

Click the arrow pointing right

Click the building on the far left - apartment building (Be sure and click on the building itself and not the arrow that points left. Clicking that arrow will take you back to the crater)

Click on the door in the center

Get the Post-It note from the far right side of the room (on the side of the shelving) This note will make no sense right this second but will very, very soon

Click on the first aid box below that to open it, get the health pack

Click on the Use box and use it. If you don't use it before the end of the next chapter, you lose it

Click the center of the gaping hole in the wall to get a note to Jim which reads, "If you're alive and you're reading this, I've moved 'the package' to room 13. We're gonna send these fuckers all back to Hell! Tucker"

Get the radio on the counter to the left

Get the fire extinguisher just below where the radio was

Click the arrow pointing left to leave

Click on the black wire off to the right a little, dangling out of what looks like a slot. This will pull it out some

Click on the square area below that with a bundle of wires sticking out of it

Click on the red wires to add them to your Inventory

Remember that Post-It note with all the letters and numbers? Press the I key on your keyboard, click on the Post-It note in the list, then click Use

Press the I key on your keyboard, click on the electric wires, then click Use

Note the letters and numbers on the circuit board - Letters for across (rows) and numbers for down (columns)

Only A and H are showing on the letters and only 0 (zero) and 7 are showing for numbers

Remember the columns start with zero, not one

Click on the circuit plug points (small rings) in the pattern given on the Post-It note (Solution below)

If you mess up, click on the wire(s) that you messed up on or, if you've finished the puzzle, click outside of the immediate circuit board area to start over

When you're finished placing the wires, click on the black wire to plug it in

If it's done wrong, you'll get a shock. Use the health pack (or not, and if you didn't use it earlier)

If it's done right, the security gate at the counter opens, revealing a room key (BA Apartments Key) - Room 23

Click the arrow on the left pointing up the stairs

Click the arrow off to the right that continues up the stairs. You can't move the door to level 1, even with Telekinesis, so don't bother

Click on the door on level 2

Press the I on your keyboard, click on the BA Apartments Key, then click Use

Click on the door to Room 23

Click on the curtains in the center of the room to open them and provide some light

Click on the wooden cupboard on the upper left to get letters to Michael. Read them or not. (Click on Use to do so)

Press I on your keyboard, click the fire extinguisher, click Use

Click on the window to break through it

Click on the candlestick holder on the left edge of the screen. (Just left from where you got the letters to Michael)

Click on the paper in the dot matrix printer. (Read it or not)

Click on the pencil in the center of the table and click Use

Click on tablet just to the lower right of where pencil was

Click and hold to drag the pencil to reveal a code: 2670 (This code never changes)

Click outside the paper area to put it down. It's then added to your inventory

Press the I on your keyboard, click the combined fireplace poker and rope, then click Use

Click on the broken window. This anchors the rope to the window frame. We're gonna swing down to room 13 which is right below us. (Room 13 is mentioned in the note from Tucker earlier, in the same room as the radio, fire extinguisher and Post-It note) The note said he "moved the package to room 13"

You clicked on the broken window and now, surprise! Room 13, but...what's that beeping?

Click on the roll of detonator in the rear left corner

Click on the fuse wire coil just right of center sitting in front of a case of some sort

Click on the explosive pack between the boxes just left of center and down a bit

Click on the case that the fuse wire coil was sitting in front of, to open it. Uh oooooooh!! That's what that beeping was!

Click on the switches in the case

You'll now see a timer counting down in the upper left of your screen. This timer shows you how much time you have before that pesky ol' nuclear-bomb-in-a-box goes off!

Click on the door to the right

You're now in the hallway, just outside of room 13. Look down, just to the right of the door with the number 13 on it and you'll see a rifle & scope. Click on it

You'll see a mangled, hanging corpse on display off to the right. Click on either the left or right rope being used to hold him up there. This will cut it

Click on the door he was hanging in front of to go through it. It leads down the stairs back to the lobby

Click on the far right to leave the apartment building

Click on the arrow pointing far right

Click on the sign above the car that says Market City

(Alternately, you can press the 3 key on your keyboard and use Teleportation instead of the door and stairs that was behind the hanging corpse. A map will appear. Click on Market City to go there. A spinning white portal will form. Click on that to be taken to Market City then click on the sign to enter the market) Note: Using Teleportation affects your power and health. You use it at your own risk

Click on the batteries on the counter to the left, click and hold on them in your inventory list and drag them until they're sitting on top of the radio you retrieved earlier. Combine them

Click on the cash register just right of center. A numeric keypad pops up. Use the code you revealed earlier on the tablet (2670) on the cash register and get a gold Rolex

Click on the arrow pointing ahead to leave Market City

Click on the arrow pointing left

Click on the arrow pointing ahead

Gunshots!?! I'm hit!!

Press I on your keyboard, click on the rifle & scope, click Use

Click on the tall building to the left

The sniper is in the upper right balcony area of the building

See Vlaew on top of the building through the scope (the building sniper is shooting from) and hear Vlaew's evil laugh

The sniper is located below where you saw the dark, shadowy figure a few floors

Muzzle flashes give the sniper's location away

Aiming is somewhat slow and cumbersome (Due to old, outdated rifle and scope?)

Shoot the sniper

If you've been hit by sniper fire and you didn't use the health pack earlier, now may be a REAL good time...dontcha think?!?

Press R on your keyboard to return to regular view and get the hell out of there

Click on the arrow pointing ahead (This one can be tricky. The arrow doesn't seem to show up until your cursor/pointer is fairly low on the screen...around the center)

Click on the boat at the marina (Not the one showing in the sniper-fight view. The next screen forward)

Click on the arrow just below the boat you just clicked on and head back

Click on the arrow on the lower left, pointing behind you to go back further

Click on the arrow pointing far right

Click on the arrow pointing far right to go to the Subway

Press the I on your keyboard, click the explosive pack, click Use then click the gate on the entrance to the subway to place it there (Telekinesis can be used but doesn't work. It just shakes the gate)

Press the I on your keyboard, click the fuse wire coil, click Use, then click on the explosive pack you just placed on the subway's entrance gate

Click on the arrow off to the left to move back (Luckily, the game doesn't allow you to place the detonator yet because if it did, you'd blow yourself up. Or did the nuke go off a long time ago and ruined your day?)

Press the I on your keyboard, click the detonator, click Use, then click at roughly the end of the fuse wire in front of you

Click on the detonator to detonate the explosive pack, blowing the subway gate

Click on the arrow pointing to the right to go back to the subway

Click the doorway that has now been revealed to the subway

Phew! You made it! (Or did you?)

Witness a nuclear explosion

(End of Demo Version of Exmortis 3)

Chapter: Exposure

Click on the escalator to go down

You hear a little girl crying. Sounds like your daughter! :o(

Click on the "jerry can" (gas can, for us American folks) just left of the blood trail, lying on its side (Be careful not to click on the arrow pointing behind you or you'll have to come back down the escalator again)

Click on the green rubber hose on the soda machine up and to the left (after the security gates)

There's a door off to the right that says Maintenance Room...but it's locked

Click on the door at the end of the concourse - the Ticketmaster's Office

Click on the pants pocket of the dead dude to get a fan belt (I know. Why does some corpse have a fan belt, right?)

Click on the upper left corner of the map to reveal a key to the Maintenance room

Note the computers to the left. One is beyond help (the closest one to you) and the other has no power

Click the left arrow to go back out to the concourse (this arrow can be kind of touchy to appear as well. Just move your cursor slower)

Press the I on your keyboard, click the Maintenance Key, click Use then click on the door to the right

Oh snap! That's your daughter!

Click on her

All Hell breaks loose and she pixelates into oblivion (Bye, sweetie! Don't forget to pray for daddy!)

When that's all over, click on the door at the end of the corridor - the Systems Room

Click around and you'll see that there's two generators and a switch

The generator on the left (Active Main) is empty of fuel

The generator on the right (Inactive Reserve) is full

The lever on the circuit cabinet to the right does nothing but reset when you click on it

Press the I on your keyboard, click the jerry can/fuel can, click Use, then click between the two generators to place it (The placement of the jerry/fuel can can be touchy. Click just to the right of the closest end of the left generator. Eventually, the dang thing will set down)

Press the I on your keyboard, click on the green rubber hose, click on Use, then click on the opening on top of the jerry/fuel can

The hose connects and you hear liquid moving (provided you have sound)

The can fills immediately and you can click on it right after you connect the hose to it.

Click on Use then click on the left generator (Active Main), the far end on the top of it, to fill it with the fuel

Click on the switch on the circuit cabinet off to the right to power it up

Alriiiiiiiiight! Power babyyyyyyyyy! B-b-but why's the light red?

Dangit! It has to be configured (rerouted) Can ONE THING go my way today!!??!!

Click on the handle below the lever you just flipped

A puzzle to solve. The goal to this puzzle is to use the levers around the edges, by clicking on them, to drag the O rings around until each of the 10 O rings is hovering over a LIT light. (This puzzle changes light locations each time you play the game) Helpful Hint: What I do is draw a quick sketch of 20 circles (5 across and 5 down) on a piece of paper, put an X over each light that DOESN'T light and leave the lights that DO light, alone. After you've figured out which lights light and which don't, you won't waste as much time. You can just concentrate on moving the O rings to the correct places. Again, this puzzle changes every time, so below is just an example.

Once you solve it, the light on the circuit cabinet turns green. The power has now been configured/rerouted correctly

Click on the arrow pointing right leave the Systems Room

Click the door on the left to go back out to the main concourse area

Click on the door at the end of the concourse and go to the Ticketmaster's Office again

Click on the computer just below the bottom left of the map (Furthest from you)

Click on the computer's power button (The power button for the computer IN THE GAME! ...not the one on YOUR computer! Then again, if you did that, you're beyond help. Please keep your computer off, stand up, go outside and play in the traffic)

Eureka! We've got power!

Switch the Forced Radio Broadcast to Yes

Switch the Platform Lighting to On

Switch the Ticket Security Gate Status to Open

None of the other systems will stay switched

Click the power button on the computer to turn it off and return to the main view

Click the left arrow to leave the Ticketmaster's Office (Remember, it can be touchy)

The security gates on the left are now open

Click on the turn styles there to head to the platforms

You'll see a few signs: From left to right, we have a sign with an arrow above some stairs (to platform 2), a sign with an arrow and a 1 (to platform 1) and two symbols representing Mens and Womens restrooms

Click on the Mens restroom sign

Click the slowly-blinking red light on the left side to turn the light on

A big scary man comes outta the mirror for a moment then goes away (If you're jumpy, we'll ALL wait for you to go change your pants)

Click on the arrow pointing far right

Click on the toddler shoes hanging in the stall (They're your daughter's by the way)

Click on the arrow pointing back to the far left

Click on the paper towel dispenser

Click on the paper towel to add it to your inventory

Do this ten more times until you have a total of 11 paper towels in your inventory

Press the I on your keyboard, click the paper towels, click Use, then click on the drain for the sink on the right

Click on the top of the faucet and turn the water on. It overflows

Click on the right arrow again and see where the water has gone into a drain and caused a Magnetic Key Card to float out. Click on it to add it to your inventory

Click the left arrow to head back to the sink view

Be a rebel and leave the water running

Click on the door to leave the Mens restroom

Click on the sign to enter the Womens restroom

Note one stall with an open door and one stall with a closed door

Note the strings above the stall door on the right. Click on the string pointing down and to the left to cut it or you'll get a severe case of heartburn when you open that stall door

Click on the crowbar (BE CAREFUL: You MUST click on the bottom left of the crowbar to pick it up. Clicking on the upper right will set off the arrows resulting in a really bad day

Click on the arrow pointing to the right to leave the Womens restroom

Click on the center of the screen with the red arrow streaming off into the distance to continue on to Platform 1

There's nothing of significance on this next screen except a link to a game called Swords and Sandals on (where you got this Full Version of Exmortis 3)

Click on the red arrow to continue onward into the darkness. (Don't worry. I'll hold your hand...wuss)

Click the arrow to go up the stairs

Click the opening between the brick columns just left of center

You're now on the tracks, you brave soul you

Note the green light meaning the track is active/unlocked and the room off to the right with a sign saying Signal Box

Also note the wire running across the track just ahead. Click on this wire to cut it. (I click on the right end of it, personally. Not sure if it makes a difference where ya cut it or not so, if you try clicking on it elsewhere, you do so at your own risk)

The first time I played this game I didn't cut it and didn't stop going forward either. I was extremely unhappy with the result

Press the I on your keyboard, click on the magnetic key card, click on Use, then click on the door to the Signal Box room

Click on the near side of the box that is now in front of you

Press I on your keybo.....oh, to heck with it!! If ya don't know how to use items in your inventory by now, you're not paying much attention!! Use the fan belt the corpse so generously provided for us back in the Ticketmaster's Office

Click on the wheels in the box

Click on the lever furthest from you until it's toward the right

The lights on the panel above will display 2 green lights on the right

Click on the arrow pointing right to go back out into the tunnel

Click on the arrow pointing left to leave this area. You continue forward at your own peril

Click on the stairs at the far right

Click in the dark area on the right

Click the left side to go back to the main concourse

Click the arrow on the far left heading up the stairs to Platform 2

You're now looking at a train

The left doors on the train ahead are locked tight

The right doors on the train ahead (directly in front of you) "appear slightly ajar" and "can be pried apart fairly easily using something as a lever"

or you "can use your powers"

You can use the crowbar or Telekinesis to open them

Click the open doorway

You're now on the train

Note the four corpses all smiling at you

Click on the corpses leaning on each other (the left of the two) to get a coin pouch (Around the pants pockets region)

Click on the red arrow in the aisle to continue on to the driver's compartment

None of the pretty lights and buttons do anything except for two...but only one for now: The center control labeled "Speed/braking"

Click on it

You're now driving a train!

Note the "Big Red Button" which is the emergency brake, just left of center

Aaaaaaaand we're driving down the traaaaaaaaacks

Longer ride than ya thought, huh?

What's that sound?? (If you have sound. If not, read the screen! It ain't sayin your coffee's ready!!)

The tunnel's caved in ahead! Hit the BRAAAAAAAAKES!

Phew! I think I peed a little

Click toward the panel on the right, on the arrow that appears, to leave the driver's compartment and return to the first train car

Click on the arrow pointing left to leave the train altogether

You can't go forward so you'll have to go left

You see a door with a "strange color-coded keypad", a Don't Walk sign and some graffiti

Click on the "strange color-coded keypad"

A light lit up (and a sound played)

If you're my age, or thereabouts, you likely remember an electronic game called Simon. If not, it was a game where you had to mimic the color/sound pattern that the game did. First the game does it, then you. Once you get it right on one step, it adds a step. It continues to do so until it reaches 10 steps. This puzzle is like that. Watch and listen to the lights and sounds, mimic them on the colored keypad and try and keep up until you've solved it completely. (Helpful Hint: Write down what each one does on a piece of paper. For example: R for Red, G for Green, Y for Yellow and B for Blue. The game gets up to 10 tones (steadily increasing speed) before being complete and one can lose track. If you do it my way, you end up with something like GYBBRYYRGG. Get it? Hope so. (Note: This game's lights and tones change each time you play the game. Hence why I started doing it the way I just suggested) You can enter these patterns as fast or as slow as you want. If you get the puzzle wrong 3 times, you fall to your death in a pit of spikes. If you do, you'll see the corpse of losers past

When you solve it, the Don't Walk sign changes to Walk

Click on the door to enter

You're now in a room with body parts on hooks and a table, a knife rack, a headless corpse sitting at the table, a large, black metallic door, a cast iron oven and a guy sharpening a knife - He's known as the scavenger

You've gotta take care of this guy sharpening the knife in order to move on. There's only one way to do so and that's Telekinesis. Press 1 on your keyboard, line up the slider with the red area and it picks him up

He's delighted you paid him a visit

Question/speak with him to get the information you need

Decide to either spare or kill him

The power of Destruction is now added to your list of powers

Click on the hand of the arm hanging on the hook, off to the left a bit, and take the pocket watch

Click on the large, black metallic door to continue

Click on the arrow leading forward

Click on the red arrow leading forward

Chapter: Exodus

You see two stone pillars with a sign saying Hobbs Junction

Note that on the left pillar, a letter R circled in red. If you've read notes and letters you'd know that this means The Resistance is associated with this place

Click the arrow leading ahead to enter Hobbs Junction

You'll come to a path with a large tree on the left

Click on the limb at the base of the large tree to reveal a 4-digit numerical code there (7249) Remember it or write it down (This code never changes)

Continue down the path

You come to an elevated walkway with a guard walking left and right, back and forth. He seems to have hemorrhoids judging by the way he walks, but I digress

As you've seen, it's foggy out so you're able to be as close as you are without being seen (Ironic, seeing as how we can see him!)

A building is on the right and a "skip-bin" (dumpster, for us American folks) is on the left

Ya don't wanna be spotted so you've got to find a way to distract the guard

Click on the furthest door on the skip-bin/dumpster to open it

Click inside and a sandstone rock is added to your inventory

Click Use for that sandstone

Aim at the open area at the center under the walkway and click. This will throw the sandstone rock, thus distracting the guard

When the guard turns to face where the sound came from, click on the rusted and corrugated sheet of metal

This will lay it over and reveal a broken window

Through the break in that window you will see a red button

Click on that button

This sets off an alarm which makes the radio traffic go wild and the guard run off to assist

Click the path to continue past the elevated walkway

Click on the door in the center of the screen

Upon hovering your cursor over the door and parts of it, you can see that the fortified iron door has "stakes" and "notches"

Clicking on these stakes moves them one notch further

When hovering over the stakes, the text at the bottom tells you "this stake is currently at notch number" and a number between 1 and 9 is given

Here's where the code we found etched into the tree trunk comes in (7249)

To solve the door puzzle, do the following:
Click the 2nd stake until the 1st stake is in notch 7
Click the 3rd stake until the 2nd stake is in notch 2
Click the 4th stake until it is in notch 9
Click the 2nd stake until the 3rd stake is in notch 4
Click the 1st notch until it is in notch 7

Voila! The door opens!

You're now standing in a dark place with a darkened light bulb dangling in front of you, as well as a string

Pull the string to turn the light on

Immediately a sign saying "Gas masks to be worn at all times" stares back at you (NOW ya tell me!)

There are two vents on the left and right of the wall facing you and they're now belching forth some kind of gas into the room with you. You cough, gasp and black out. (There's no way to get past this. Just roll with it)

You wake up in front of a house. It's YOUR house

Click on the mailbox

Click on the front door

Click either the left door or the right door. The center door won't do anything. For purposes of following along with me, click on the left door

You see 3 grids on the wall in front of you, one on the floor and hear a little girl crying and screaming (This was your daughter's room at one time)

Try to see a pattern from one grid to the next from left to right. (This puzzle never changes)

The pattern is this: The arrow-shaped symbol moves down and to the right one space as well as rotating once clockwise. The round symbol moves down and to the right one space and then starts again at the top and repeats. Therefore, to complete the puzzle, do the following:
Hover near the edge of the arrow-shaped symbol-on-a-disc on the floor until you see arrows going around it and the text at the bottom of the screen saying Click to Rotate. Click on it until its point is aimed upward. (2 clicks) Then click on the disc itself (when circling arrows are not present) and then click on the far right bottom square (4th over, 4th down) to place that disc there. Next, click on the disc with the round symbol on it and place it two squares above the other (4th over, 2nd down)

When done correctly, the room will shake and a symbol written "in the language of the Ancients" meaning Offspring, will appear

Click on the right side of the screen to go back out into the area you were before

Click on the right door to enter that room

Here we have another puzzle as well as the sounds of a woman crying (This was yours and your wife's bedroom at one time)

The purpose of this puzzle is to rotate the discs until you have connected all the lines in some way. You will notice there are one to several light areas on the edge(s) of the puzzle. Each of these will need a line connected to it as well. Each disc rotates clockwise a quarter of a turn every time you click on it. Some will need clicked upon multiple times. This puzzle changes each time you play the game. (Helpful Hint: You're basically going to be making diamond shapes with the lines. Just be sure and line the lines up to where all of the channels on the outer edges have a line going in their direction and then all the other lines connect. There will never be a line not touching another or any lines going off the edge where the is nothing aligned with it. It takes a little practice but soon you'll be solving this puzzle in under 20 seconds)

When solved, the room will shake like the last one did and a symbol written "in the language of the Ancients" meaning Lover, will appear

Click the left side of the room on the red arrow that appears to go back into the previous area

When you arrive in the previous room, you hear an evil laugh (Vlaew's) and the room shakes. It then falls apart and reveals what is, in all likelihood, Hell

The room comes back together but is a different room now

In the center hangs, what looks to be a mirror, with a once-human "Reader" in it. He begins speaking to you. Follow along and ask/speak with him. (or click on Skip at the top if you've been there, done that) You'll learn that Lord Vlaew "bestowed the power to alter reality as he sees fit" upon the reader

When you are finished speaking with him/it, you will be left with a choice. Forget that choice...there's more. (I played this game twice before I realized there was an option after the ugly dude spoke)

Click on the curtains just to the left of the reader

Click on the curtain rod

It will be added to your inventory

Click Use

Click on the Reader to impale his ugly mug!

When the screen comes back, click on the letter and file in front of you (Bottom, just left of center)

On the far right there's a glass of water. Click on it to drink it. It replenishes you a bit

There's nothing more for you here. Press 3 on your keyboard, click on the window and Teleport out of the cell. (Teleportation is the only way out of the cell)

You're now on the outside. Ahhhhh. The fresh air!

Well, it would have been fresh if not for the bodies stinkin' it up!

Click on the broken window to the left

Click the keys on the wall (Jeep keys! Woot!)

Click the document on the table and read it (or not). I always like to read everything in case it gives a subtle hint for something later. That or it makes something make sense....possibly....sometimes.

Click on the rolled up map

Click on the arrow leading right to go back outside

Click forward

Click on the sniper rifle on the ground. (NOW we're talkin'!)

Look to the far right side of the screen and you'll see a severed head on a stake, Click on it

Use the Jeep keys on the Jeep

Chapter: Execution (I sure hope this means someone else's execution!)

Click on the bell tower to the right

You'll see some guard towers in the distance

Click on your Inventory and Use your new sniper rifle

There are 2 guards you need to kill on the left guard tower. Click on it

They are apparently wearing body armor or can take a shot really, really well. Aim for their heads. (You get 500 points for head shots too) They can be killed with body shots, but it takes 3 of them

If you fail to kill these 2 guards now, you will regret it later

Incidentally, shooting one, causing him to fall from the tower, is one of the 34 achievements for the game. The guard on the right is usually a sure thing for this achievement

Once they're dead, press the R on your keyboard to return to the previous view

Click on either side to the view of the tower and church (You can Teleport at this point but, again, using any powers in this game but Telekinesis negatively affect you)

Click on the church's door to enter

In the lower left corner there is a sledge hammer, click on it to add it to your Inventory

(Note: The in-game walkthrough mentions a priest's diary in the church. There ain't no diary. Trust me. Give up trying to find it)

Click the rope that is running from the ceiling, over a hook and down the left wall

This will drop what was covering a window up above on the wall in front of you

If it isn't too late (one of my attempts was too late for this part because of taking too long looking for the dang diary), notice the moon shines through the window at the top center and shines on the floor

Click where it hits and a previously-hidden door will open

Click in the opened doorway

Click on the Kriss Blade (wavy sword) to add it to your Inventory

While the Inventory list is open (and the A New Item Has Been Added To Your Inventory message goes away) click on the sledgehammer and Use it on the wall in front of you

Click on the hole in the wall to go through it

If you need it, the water running down the middle of the screen will be clickable. Click on it to replenish a bit. If it isn't needed, then it's not clickable

Click the little cross and Latin phrase on the left wall

Click ahead

Use the sledgehammer on the lock

Click on the winding path to the right

A new puzzle! Oh goody!

There are 4 plaques with options for either a solid circle or the outline of one. Your task, should you wish to accept it (and move on), is to guess which plaque should display what to get through. Click on a plaque to change it.

Once you've done what you think the solution is, click on the lever at the upper right. This will either open the gate or reveal a number.

This number reveals how many you have correct. (This puzzle changes each game) The best case scenario, aside from solving it on the first try, is to have a 0 (zero) pop up. This would mean you simply need to change each plaque to the opposite of what you just tried

You get 4 chances to get the code right or it resets (Note: The puzzle resets completely. This means that any numbers you saw before have absolutely no bearing on this new set of 4 attempts)

There's a corpse just to the right of the gate. Click on him to get a C4 pack

Click on the arrow pointing ahead to go through the gate you finally opened

You can either use Telekinesis or the C4 pack to blow the gate that is now in front of you. It will also take out the guards that are there (Note: This is the 34th and final achievement. If you don't have 34 at this point, you missed something. You can see how many achievements you have by pressing P, I, V, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 on your keyboard, going to Options, then clicking on achievements)

After you've taken out the gate and guards , a pistol comes sliding out of the carnage. Click on it to add it to your Inventory. (A Glock! SWEET!)

When you click on it and it's added to your Inventory, note that it says hitting the G key on your keyboard will arm the gun. (It will also put it away so you can continue without shooting at everything)

Click ahead

Hit the G key on your keyboard now to use the Glock pistol or the 5 key to use Destruction (You'll notice, if you use Destruction, that the little red area that you must stop the slider on is much smaller than you've seen previously using Telekinesis. Depending on the speed of your computer [i.e. amount of RAM you have and/or your processor speed] this can be darn near impossible to do. You just have to keep trying until you finally get it)

Take out the 3 guards (Remember: Headshots take 1 shot, if using the Glock, or 3 body shots)

Click on the arrow leading up the stairs on the left

Press G or 5 on your keyboard now. There's 2 more guards to take out there

Go to the lift (elevator, for us American folks)

Click on the button to the left of it and either press G or 5 now

Take out the guard that comes down with the lift/elevator

Click inside the now-brains-and-blood-covered lift/elevator

When the doors open, a pretty cool building is in front of us

Just off to the right there is a stone thing. Click on that

Go to your inventory and Use the Kriss Blade/wavy sword on it

Click just outside of the stone tablet to return to the previous view

Click on the big, scary doors

Nothing happens in this view. Click ahead

Click on the door at the end of the hallway and take a deep me

There sits Vlaew on his throne. (If you've done any amount of reading in the first 2 versions of Exmortis, or read around in this game, you'll know who this is) He's not known for his gentle demeanor

Click on Vlaew to have a chat or click Skip if you've played before and know what he has to say)

He's giving you the first shot. Use it wisely

You can try and use the Glock pistol, but this will immediately cause Vlaew to mock you

Press 5 on your keyboard and use Destruction on him

Vlaew will go flying out of the window behind him

Where did he go? Frickin' wuss!

Either click on Powers and use Teleportation (not advised) to go outside or click and go back the way you came

Click on the ladder off to the lower left to go down

Ah! Theeeeeeere he is! He's using some kind of force field to protect him. (Hey! Where's OURS?!?)

Yet another chat

The quicker you do these next steps, the better for your health. Remember, for speed's sake, hit the 1 and 5 keys on your keyboard to switch between Telekinesis and Destruction Powers

Use Telekinesis on the glowing orbs at the tops of either side of the force field. It will then drop

Vlaew will attempt to throw large boulders at you. If he gets one thrown at you, Use Telekinesis on them

When the force field drops, hit the 5 key on your keyboard to switch to Destruction and use it on him

Repeat the above steps until, finally, Vlaew (again) flies through the wall behind him (4 times hitting him with Destruction)

Click the doorway he just flew backward through

He's on his knees now (Weakening?)

Another chat starts

After the chat ends (Which you'll know because you clicked on End Conversation or clicked on Skip because you've been there, done that already), prepare for more battle

Use Destruction(5) on him (and the fireballs he attempts to lob at you)

Do this 3 times and he'll, yet again, fly through the wall

Click on the hole he created to go ahead

He is now baaaaaaaaarely dragging himself forward...away from you

He opens a portal

Once the portal has been opened, press 1, click on Vlaew and pick his scrawny butt up

He speaks

When he's done, click on him one more time and destroy him!!

He becomes something resembling a fireworks show....only using lotsa blood and gore

The area around you will soon start to rumble, shake and begin to fall down around you

Click on the portal

Congratulations! You've just finished the game! (High fives, anyone?)

I have only taken you one way. It's up to you to take others. The way I've just taken you gets you all 34 achievements and a final score dependant upon your health, powers and whatever else can affect your score. The time it takes to complete the game is dependant upon whether or not you stopped and read things, picked up every item or not, Teleported or walked...a plethora of things. My best time is 40-something minutes and my best score is just over 211,000. I haven't gotten any better than 185,000-something since that score. I'm still diligently trying to figure out exactly what I did so different the game I scored so well in.

Again, if you view the video version of this walkthrough, you'll see my newfound speed has caused me to have my butt handed to me in the battles with Vlaew, but I'm getting better. I couldn't get past the first battle the first time I played on the faster computer.

I hope this walkthrough helped you. I spent many hours and days trying to make sure I included all steps and tried to explain and answer what I thought most would ask about the game. I hope it shows. Tell a friend. Post this blog's address on forums. Embed the videos. Spread the word.

This walkthrough can be used elsewhere ONLY if FULL CREDIT is given to me, CliffyTX and A direct link to this walkthrough can be obtained by hovering over or right-clicking on the title of this post at the top of the page where it says New & Improved Exmortis 3 Full Walkthrough! in blue. If you found this walkthrough through a link that is much longer than just, then you already have the direct link in the address bar.

I'd like to thank two people who helped me find two of the 34 achievements:
PyramidHead333 for giving me the achievement of using Telekinesis on the guards at the gate
AdebisiXOX for giving me the achievement of the severed head on the spike in the screen with the Jeep

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