Saturday, August 1, 2009

Over-Protection: Society in Panic Mode

I touched on this in my July 30 post but wanted to spend a little more time on it now. It seems, it's obvious that society has hit the panic button since my younger days. When I was a kid, when I messed up bad enough, I got spankings. Many of you probably have as well. The majority of us are fine and suffered no lasting effects from it. For the sake of this article, I mean spankings here and there, not continuously or overall abuse. Society today has over-compensated for those of us that have vowed, "I'll never do that to my child!".

Today, if you so much as raise your voice to your child in public, you risk having the police called on you. Let's face it, unless you fall to the ground sobbing and explain to your child that your behavior hurts your feelings in some way to make them feel guilt, time out does not work. Sure, for minor things maybe, but not lying, stealing, cheating, profanity, etc. I firmly believe, and have to assume because I have no children, that if you sat your child down and had a true, sincere heart-to-heart with them and take the time to explain why it upset you, why it's wrong and why they shouldn't do it again, that it will make an impact on their behavior. If your talk has no effect and/or the behavior happens again and again then, damn it, they need a swat on the ass. I discuss discipline with any women that I may become serious with when it's been determined that we'll live together and marry. It's important to wait until I'm invited into the subject, but I believe it's a very important one.

Now, on to another facet of over-sensitivity in society today. Remember seeing your dad/uncle/grandfather (hopefully not all the same person or you have much deeper issues) toss a baby a foot or so into the air and catch him/her? When a little older, going out in the yard, taking the child by both hands and swinging them around and around? Well, I saw a video today of a woman in Alabama who apparently had one of these (or something similar...may be just a backpack strap or something) attached to her child and was slowly sliiiiiiiiiiding him across the floor. The kid was completely relaxed and likely having an absolute ball. Well, she's now in jail without bail and charged with felony first-degree cruelty to children. Any of the above scenarios I mentioned would now, in all probability, land you in the same boat. I present the video for your inspection:

Does the woman look upset and and at wits end? Hardly! She was having a day out with her child and having fun with the lil rugrat and is now in jail for it. It seems some staff and fellow customers at the store observed this and someone called it in. It should be noted that the child had marks on his neck from it, but that hardly adds up to abuse. You get marks from clenching your hand too long, from leaning against a table's doesn't mean you were hitting someone or slamming into a table. Although I may very well be wrong in my take on this video, the core issue still stands true and we've become so sensitive to children that they can no longer have fun, be made to mind or deal with defeat. I believe it's going to affect their adult lives if over-done and they're sheltered from absolutely everything. It's sad really. Sure, some of you are saying, "Yeah! Okay! 'Some pooooor child is gonna be a basket case when he's older because he wasn't beat!!!'". That's taking my statement, and this article, a little too far. Regardless, in the end, your opinion is yours and mine is mine. I just chose to make mine public. Here's hoping your child grows up fine and becomes very successful and never needs a therapist.

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