Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exmortis 3: Full Walkthrough & Screen Shots

Update: January 8, 2010 - I now have all 34 Exmortis 3 achievements and a new set of videos for the walkthrough. These new videos take advantage of the fact that I now have access to a faster computer and, because of this, was able to make a walkthrough in half the time.

Also, because of this, I decided to re-write the walkthrough to include all of the updates I made to this one. This one was somewhat outdated now, in some areas, so please click HERE for the newest version.


spiele said...

I played the initial versions of the game. I enjoyed it that time. I wasn't aware of its latest version. Thanks for the update.

CliffyTX said...

You're quite welcome. Some love the new version, some thing it's nothing like the other two....less "scary". The graphics are superb and it's still a great game. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the comment.

Swik said...

Awesome walkthrough.

I more play these with a walkthrough for the story - wish they would make it into a movie.

Keep up the good work CliffyTX...

Now that is finished what can I do? I might just stay and have a look around your blog for a while!

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